When you want to make sure that your cat stops scratching up your furniture, you might feel that you are at your wits end.

Cats scratch things naturally, and whether they are doing it to mark territory, because it feels good or because they want to have a little bit of exercise, you'll find that there are many things that you need to consider in order to make them stop!

When you want to make sure that your cat stops murdering your furniture, take some time to consider some of the following options.

1. Scratching Post

A cats scratching is a natural cat behavior, so instead of trying to suppress what comes naturally to them, give them a better alternative than your furniture. Get them a scratching post or a raw wood log, and put it in a place where there is a high volume of human traffic.

Since your cat scratches in part to mark their territory then high traffic areas area the best place for them. If you want you cat to take an active interest rub a little catnip on the post and watch them go nuts for it.

2. Trimming Your Cat's Nails

When you are looking to make sure that your cat will stop tearing up your furniture, you'll find that one easy thing that you can do is to remove some of the razor sharpness of their nails; this is most successful if they are only scratching lightly in the first place. When you are looking to trim your cat's nails, get them used to having her feet handled, just to make the process a little easier.

3. Soft Paws

When you want to make sure that your cat isn't going to scratch, take some time and look at Soft Paws, a product which essentially gives you tiny vinyl caps to place over your cat's claws. A small dot of non-toxic adhesive will keep them on, and it essentially prevents your cat's claws from doing any damage. This is a good solution for people who can't be home to monitor their cats at all times.

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