Are you constipated?

Sitting on the toilet bowl, pushing so hard that piles come out is no joke. Feeling bloated yet unable to move your bowels isn't pleasant either. So what can you do about constipation?

1. Flush your bowels
Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and ensure your digestive system has plenty of water to work with, that your faeces would be moist and soft by the time it comes out. Try drinking 2 large glasses of water in the morning when you get up, and several glasses throughout the day.

Personally, I find drinking 2 or even 3 large glasses first thing in the morning when I wake up helps me move my bowels easily. Within an hour of drinking the water, I would need to pass motion and hence clean my bowels early in the morning.

Another way some people use water to clean their bowels is through colonic irrigation. This is done at specialist clinics where 2 tubes are inserted into the colon. 1 tube forces the water into the colon in order to wash out the waste matter. The other tube allows the faeces and water mixture to drain out of the body. Some people swear by it claiming it makes them feel lighter and healthier. However, this method has its dangers. You could end up with a perforated colon because of it and that can lead to death.

2. Watch your diet.
Eat fruits and vegetables for the fiber. Eat wholegrains like brown rice or whole wheat bread for the fiber they contain.

Undigestible fiber forms the bulk of your stools. As matter travels down the colon, while the nutrients are absorbed, the undigested matter, the fiber, will stimulate the colon to push the matter forward, speeding up a sluggish colon. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables if you want a healthy colon. Prunes are great for constipation. If you need even more help, try using psyllium husks.

For serious constipation, drink prune juice and snack on prunes. Prunes contain natural laxatives that can help you move your bowels.

3. Please Go
If you got to go to the toilet, please go. Don't hold because the tv show is too interesting, you are too absorbed in whatever you are doing.. If you have the urge to pass motion, go and do it before the urge passes away. The longer the waste matter sits in the colon, the drier and harder it gets.

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