What you are experiencing today was created long ago – what’s done is done. DO NOT attach to fear and recreate the past by beating the recession, cutting back or talking about how “bad” it is. Turn your attention away from the fear-ridden climate created yesterday and toward your future by investing in your most powerful asset today – you!

This takes courage. Others will tempt you to believe that you’re ignorant for not buying in to the doom and gloom infecting others life a plague. Stand firm in your power to create outside of the black cloud.

You are powerful. Yes, YOU are powerful. Regardless of what you face, you can rise above it AND lift the hearts and hopes of those around you. 2009 is a test of will and an ironic twist of fate. With the systems we’ve relied on breaking down there is nowhere else to turn but within to our own systems. For some these systems are charged and ready to go and for others they may be a little cluttered or dusty.

THIS IS NO TIME TO SHRINK - THIS IS A TIME TO EXPAND! It’s time to be more powerful than ever before by welcoming the challenges of 2009 and hitting the year head on! Rather than letting the economic forecast depress or stifle you, allow it to reach you at your very core and motivate you. Roll up your sleeves, move beyond what’s holding you back, sharpen your creativity and invest in yourself as your number one asset.

Here are 3 steps you can take NOW to thrive in 2009 and beyond. These 3 steps are imperative if you want to thrive in 2009. If you follow them you will attract wealth, health, success, love and manifest your deepest desires. Become a force to be reckoned with and engage the Universe as your co-creative partner by taking these actions steps NOW!

Step 1: Detach from the Drama and Free Your Creative Energy
Imagine the Universe looking down on the chaos and the energetic black cloud that’s looming. Do you want to be lost in the fog or do you want to become a beacon of light attracting the Universe and others toward you? When you’re drowning in drama you are hidden from the Universe and possibility. Detach from the drama by observing the world around you at work, home and in your social circles. Begin to watch the world and your life like a movie and see the people in your life as a cast of characters (of course you have the starring role). As you begin to see yourself separate from the drama, you’ll notice a shift in your energy. Your detachment creates space that you can use to create what you desire free from the past and free from the drama.

As you detach and slip into the present moment, you simultaneously engage the co-creative support of the Universe. Use this step to detach from fear and drama (daily if necessary) and free your creative energy to manifest what you desire regardless of what’s going on around you.
Tip: As your creative energy and space opens up be sure to direct it and fill it with what you desire by speaking, writing and taking action toward what you want to create. Stay razor focused and surround your self with others choosing to remain positive.

Step 2: Increase Your Energetic Vibration by Clearing Your Space
It’s no secret (anymore) that your energy attracts what you want or what you don’t want depending on your vibration. You know this yet continue to put up with things that zap your energy and occupy space that could otherwise be used to co-create with the Universe. The following actions will lower your energy vibration and block your creative ability: 1) Holding on to physical, mental and emotional baggage, 2) Engaging in negative beliefs or unhealthy habits, 3) Reacting to old emotional wounds, and 4) Allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed by the minutia of life (clutter, lists, schedules, have-tos, to-dos). When you engage in these negative behaviors there is literally no room or possibility for you (and certainly not the Universe) to create anything new.

Here’s the harsh reality. You will NOT thrive in 2009 or ever unless you LET GO! Get rid of your past story, beliefs, habits and excuses you’ve been carrying around – THEY ARE HOLDING YOU BACK! Get off the tugboat hauling trunks of old junk and jump into a shiny new speedboat with your bathing suit and a compass. Travel light in 2009 and create space for the Universe to deliver something new, unexpected or more than you can imagine.

If you can’t find your keys how can the Universe give you a new car? If you don’t know how much money you have, how can the Universe match your earnings? Increase your vibration by clearing your physical space, not just by putting things away but clearing it for good. Anything that is old, has stagnate energy, is collecting dust or taking up space – goes! If it’s not essential to your joy, creativity, or success it goes! Prioritize areas by their importance. Clear your office and creative space first. Put systems in place and hire support to help you stay clear of the small stuff to free your energy to create a masterpiece or big idea. If you focus on the little stuff, so will the Universe. Wouldn’t you rather put the Universe to work on something big or really juicy?

Next clear your mental and emotional space by finishing, completing or clearing projects, habits and relationships that are zapping your energy. Make choices, set boundaries and say goodbye to things that don’t serve you. There is a reason they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first! This is where extreme self-love comes in. Even if there’s something you want but it’s just not happening, let it go or recreate what you want - just get the energy moving!

The Universe cannot deliver unless you spell things out in black and white. Eliminate the gray by noticing where you are waffling. What areas of your life do you struggle between two points of view or opposing beliefs? What desires get set aside or lost in chaos and confusion? Detect these oozing energy zappers and cut to the chase. Use this test, “If it’s not a “yes”, it’s a “no” (period). If it’s a “yes” than do it! If it’s not a “yes” then it’s a “no” and it goes! Eliminate the gray from your life. The gray can be waffling beliefs, daily routine (or lack thereof), business strategy, relationships, projects, hobbies, furniture, clothing, papers, indecision or procrastination.
Finally, make a list of what you fear most or resist most and redirect your energy straight toward those things. Face the truth about your finances, step on the scale, or speak your truth and ask for what you want. There is nothing that releases more energy or increases your vibration more than facing your fears and eliminating resistance.

Tip: Attack this step with vigor! The more you clear and hit head on, the higher your vibration will be and the bigger the space you will have to manifest what you truly desire. Don’t stop until your energy is so high you can hardly sleep because you can’t wait to create again the next day.

Step 3: Create Momentum with Clarity and Consistency
Imagine that your relationship with the Universe is like the game Simon Says. You are Simon so every time you say something the Universe follows that direction. If you keep changing your mind and your energy keeps going up and down, the Universe is going to do the same and your efforts will cancel out. If you want quick results you have to act fast, remain consistent in your thoughts, words, and actions. Like Simon Says, the Universe will do what you say and match your actions.

The fastest way to gain clarity and make yourself known to the Universe is to powerfully state your name and tell the Universe what it is you want verbally and in writing. For example, “I am Cindy Silbert and I want to be a best-selling author and have a signed contract with a top agent and publisher.” Then become a broken record thinking, stating, and acting out what you want to create. Continuously take action toward what you want and act as if you already have it.

Make big, powerful choices that direct your behaviors and the Universe such as: 1) I choose to make 2009 a great year and focus on what I am creating 2) I choose to surround myself with others who focus on what is possible in 2009 3) I choose to love and support myself, follow my passions and make choices that are aligned with what I am creating in 2009 and beyond.

Finally, give yourself and the Universe crystal clarity by making a list of what you don’t want and a list of what you do want. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top write “What I Want in 2009” or “What I am Creating in 2009” (or another title that tells the Universe what you’re creating together). In the left column, write down what you don’t want in great detail (being crystal clear about what you don’t want gives you more clarity about what you do want so get into it). In the right column write down what you do want in great detail. Imagine life free of everything that you don’t want and say goodbye to it. When you’re ready tear off the left column and burn it. Review the right side and make sure it is complete and captures everything you want. Choose to focus only on the right side. If you find yourself slipping back and focusing on what you don’t want, stop and shift to what you do want. You have a choice to live on one side or the other. You can easily shift your energy accordingly now that you have clarity. Feel and experience what you want now so the Universe can clearly hear you, match your vibration and deliver what you want. Keep moving as the Universe likes speed and matches it with momentum.

Tip: Imagine you are a target and make it easier for the Universe to connect with you by becoming as big, bright and magnetic as possible. Expand how you view yourself and what you’re asking for. You set the rules so the size of the game is up to you. The Universe likes space so don’t hold back, play small or micromanage the bearer of infinite possibility.
What would make 2009 a really great year? What are your deepest desires? What would fill your heart with joy? Go for it! You deserve it!

Author's Bio: 

Cindy’s natural gift is to listen beyond words as she guides women to thrive in every aspect of life from home, work, love, body and soul. She is an Author, Coach, Speaker and the Creator of Life Cultivation, a dynamic fusion of eastern and western practices. Life Cultivation transforms your personal or business life through one-on-one coaching, books, workshops and FREE online member program. Cindy founded BringUtoLife.com and CindySilbert.com to inspire and guide women worldwide to realize full self-expression and lasting fulfillment. Cindy’s gift is coupled with over 25 years of experience and education in business, marketing, transformation, and coaching. She currently resides in Del Mar, California with her husband and son.