Are you one of the many people who procrastinate, and put off the things you need to do in your daily life? Does your basement, garage, office, closet and other areas of your home need some (or a lot of) tender loving care? Everyone delays doing their “chores” from time to time, but if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with more and more unfinished projects, then you're probably a victim of "procrastination."

This can become a very demoralizing situation. If you'll accept and deal with the challenges you face in your life, you're much more likely to live many years longer than people who spend their entire life stressing out about "getting things done", but never make the necessary steps to accomplish the stuff that needs doing.

If you're not being challenged enough in your daily life by your work or living situation, then maybe fear is what is holding you back. Fear takes a hold of you and you're not able to accomplish what you want to, so you set it aside for "later" and continually make excuses to not complete the project. Sooner or later, this becomes habit in every situation of your life. So the purpose of this article is to get that spark back, and enable you to take chances - to overcome rejection and step up to the plate when you know there are things that need to be done.

Below you'll find 3 steps to finally overcoming the procrastination demon.

1. Get organized. Believe me, I know this is a difficult goal to accomplish. But if you start out small you'll be able to accomplish the larger goal. Organize your day with a "To Do List", and write everything down as quickly as possible. Then go back and rank each item in order of importance. Circle the item, make a star - anything to note it's importance. What you don't get done one day will be added to the next days list.

2. Split up major projects into small tasks. If a large project seems too overwhelming, then have a major project list and divide each segment into small, manageable tasks.

Example: Say you want to empty out and organize the garage. (At my house, that is a HUGE project!) On the first day, you'll go through everything that should be taken to Goodwill and stick it in boxes. Then the next day, you'll take it there. Simple enough. Third day, arrange all of the similar items into their own piles. Example - patio furniture, sports stuff, household tools, etc. The day after that, you'll figure out how much room to allow for each category.

Perhaps you have a lot of patio furniture but not a lot of sports equipment. So that category will have more space in the garage. Next day, take all the stuff you plan to keep and take it out of the garage while you clean the floor, shelves, windows, etc. Then when you put it all back, arrange it neatly based on what you planned. And on the last day, enjoy actually parking your car in the garage. At last! It's all a matter of breaking up large projects into manageable tasks.

3. Just get it started - If you catch yourself making an excuse and putting something off, then you can stop from being led down the road to being a prisoner of procrastination. Don't let yourself get away with the excuses. Start with the easiest possible tasks and go from there. You'll feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you take small steps toward the larger project than if you don't do anything.

It is now or never - Get up and JUST START!

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