1. The "Rule of 7" and the "Top Of Consciousness Concept".

The "Rule of 7" states that a person needs to see, hear, or otherwise be exposed to a marketing message at least 7 times before they respond.

"Top of Consciousness" is the concept that you want to be already in your prospects mind when they decide they need your product or service. You do not want to wait until your prospect needs your product or service and have to compete with all your competition. If your prospect has to go to the Yellow Pages, to do research on the internet or ask someone for a referral, the company with the deepest pockets (most money spent on advertising) will usually win. You want to market smart, which is to get directly to your prospects more often.

If you do not have a prospecting contact strategy that exposes you and your product or service at least seven times, You Lose!

When you use the "Rule of 7" and the "Top of Consciousness Concept", when your prospect first thinks about your product or service, they will think about YOU!

Joe Girard, a Detroit car salesman, has the Guinness Book of World Records title of the Worlds Greatest Salesperson. During Girards career, he made a point to get his name in front of over 5,000 current customers and prospects at least once a month. Mailings, postcards, emails, phone calls, newsletters, etc. He said that when someone got the thought of a new car, he wanted them to think Joe Girard. When someone heard that someone else needed a car, he wanted them to think Joe Girard. This is using the "Rule of 7" and "Top of Consciousness Concept" at its highest level.

2. "Freeminums"

"Freeminums" are those Special Free Gifts that you give out to clients, customers, prospects, etc., to help expose your marketing message. (Mugs, calendars, pens, etc.)

Why does giving Free Gifts work? They are an "Ethical Bribe". In the field of Persuasion, there is a process called "Reciprocity". If you give someone something of Perceived Value, they will feel compelled to return your generosity. In marketing this is to buy your product or service or at least think of you first when they do need your product or service.

Today, pens and calendars do not cut it. They do not have that Perceived Value of a real gift. Every one gives them away. Prospects have come to expect every company to give them whether they buy or not.

Mark Victor Hansen says, "Find out what everyone else is doing and do the opposite".

You want to give something with a "High Perceived Value" but at the "Lowest Cost Possible".

Most "Freeminums" you pay setup cost and have to purchase a minimum quantity. Plus, they have limited exposure. If you give a prospect a calendar with your name and logo on it, how many people are going to see it?

3. "Viral Marketing"

What is "Viral Marketing"? "Viral Marketing" is based on the analogy of how a virus is spread. One person sneezes or gives the virus to people they come in contact with. Those people sneeze on people they are around, etc. This is how one person can spread the virus to hundreds or thousands of people.

"Viral Marketing" is the same concept (but healthier). Just like those jokes or videos that are sent to one person, who sends it to everyone in their address book and then they all send it to everybody in their address book. You soon have thousands of people who read the joke or viewed the video.

It is very similar to the business concept of Network Marketing. The reason it is very successful is that to have 1,000 people in your organization, you do not have to personally go out and contact all 1,000 people. The concept of Network Marketing is that you share the business with 5 people. Each of them shares the business with 5 people and now you have 25 people in your organization. Those 25 share it with 5 each and now you have 125. And it just keeps going, all based on the 5 you contacted.

Joe Girard "Rule of 250". Girard says that everyone knows about 250 people. How he figured this out was that he was talking to a wedding caterer who stated that the average wedding has 200 or 300 guests. He then was talking to a funeral director who told him that he orders 250 prayer cards for most funerals. All of his research showed that the average person knows 250 people.

What Are Digital Ebooks?

Digital Ebooks contain useful information that people will find interesting and informing. They have more than just a Perceived Value, they have Real Value. They are similar to the books you buy from Amazon or Borders, but they are read on your computer.

It would be nice to give All your Clients and Prospects a ten dollar hardback book as a gift every month or two. But the cost would be prohibitive.

This is where Digital Viral Ebooks come in. Now you can give All your Clients and Customers, All your Prospects and even All your Suspects a book for the same Value but not the same Cost.

Utilizing These 3 Marketing Strategies with Your Personalized Digital Ebook

Send your Digital Ebook to everyone. All your family, friends, neighbors, co workers, business associates, people you meet at networking events, and everyone you meet. Send it to your current customers, your past customers, and all your prospects.

When you do this you are utilizing the 3 Marketing Strategies above:

1. You are giving a "Freeminum", with Real Value.

2. When you send your Digital Ebook to everyone, you are utilizing the concepts of "The Rule of 7" and the "Top of Consciousness Concept". When they open it, they think of you.

3. The Ebook has real value and is something they can pass on for others to read. When someone passes the book on or forwards it to everyone in their address book, this is "Viral Marketing".

Remember Girard "Rule of 250". If the average person knows about 250 people, and you send the book out to all your customers, prospects, family, friends, business associates, etc., how many people will potentially see your business card and have an opportunity to click on to your website? You do the math.

Sample Digital Ebook: www.drcop.com

Author's Bio: 

Dale Richardson is the President of Drcop Marketing, Specializing in Digital E-Book and E-Brochure Marketing. For more information on Digital E-Book Marketing @ www.drcop.com