If you are looking to earn more money working for an employer, there are lessons you learned that may be getting in your way. Do these warnings sound familiar?

• Don’t brag about yourself

• Don’t be a job hopper

• Don’t be a “social climber”

The sad thing is that these beliefs might have worked for your mother but in the work world they are counter productive. You are about to discover 3 keys that can propel you and your career to greater financial rewards.

I don’t know about you but my mother often told me not to “toot my own horn”. When I was proud of an accomplishment, she always praised me but then told me that the accomplishment was its own reward. Telling others about it was in bad taste.

In the work world you must let others know of your accomplishments. In fact you should be looking for successes you can highlight. Be sure to show how you were an integral part in that success. There is nothing like having a list of accomplishments available before a discussion of salary.

Not getting the increase in salary you wanted. Maybe it is time to change jobs. Often the only way to get an increase is to take a higher paying job at another company. Years ago people frowned on “job hopping” but today it is done all the time.

To do it you must stay connected to a network, keep updating those outside your company about your accomplishments, and check out every new opportunity suggested to you. Finally don’t burn any bridges when you leave your present job. People do return to companies they left – and many come back at a higher level and salary!

In every job you take there are those who stand out in their ability to get things done. I call them the movers and shakers. Identify those in a position to help you and find ways to get them into your network.

This would be what my mother would call “social climbing” ie making friends in order to move up in the organization. Well, watch those in your organization who move ahead. This is how business works. Those that have the power to move the work forward do it by asking those in their network to help.

Those mover and shakers have the ability to shine a light on you and your career. If you are helping them they will help you. Getting a raise is easier with others promoting you and your work.

It is sad to me to see how many employees still believe that if they do good work they will be rewarded by their employer. They put their trust in their company and their manager. No wonder so many get cynical after a few years!

If you are serious about getting more money, try these suggestions. They are the key to having a lucrative career. The promise of more money is real. You have the tools to make it happen.

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Alvah Parker is a Practice Advisor (The Attorneys’ Coach) and a Career Changers’ Coach as well as publisher of Parker’s Points, an email tip list and Road to Success, an ezine. Subscribe now to these free monthly publications at her website http://www.asparker.com/samples.html

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