Do you feel unhappy and trapped in your present circumstances, struggling for a way to recapture your happiness? If you do, itt's not an uncommon feeling, especially in today's world. It's easy to believe you're trapped without choices, that you're somehow at the mercy of everything and everyone around you. It's easy to believe that somehow your happiness depends on things over which you have no control.

It's easy to believe, but is it really true? Answer this question: Who is responsible for your happiness? Shouldn't it be you?

Believe it or not, you you have complete and total control over your happiness. Here are three easy steps you can follow to begin to recapture the feeling of being happy and fulfilled in your life:

  1. Realize your happiness is your Choice. If you're unhappy with where you are, recognize you are where you are because of the choices and decisions you've made up to now in your life. You are conditioned to believe you have no choices. You live where you live because that's where your parents lived. You work where you work because it's the only job you believe we can get. The result is that you get stuck in the status quo because you believe we have no choice.

    Yet the truth is you always have a choice and, in fact, doing nothing to change your circumstances is in itself, a choice. If you don't like your job, why not look for another one? If you don't want a job, why not start your own business? If you don't like where you live, why not look for somewhere else to live?

    If you are like most people, the far too often you get caught in the trap of waiting for something or someone else to bring change to you, failing to realize that your happiness is your responsibility and no one else's. You always have a choice to accept things the way they are or to begin to do something about it.

  2. Deliberately choose your own thoughts. Taking personal responsibility for your happiness begins by beginning to deliberately choose your thoughts. Rather than buying into all of the "no you can't" monkey chatter, start to deliberately think "yes I can".

    When you start deliberately choosing your thoughts, all of a sudden you begin to feel inspired and you start to look at the world and your circumstances in another way. You begin to see opportunities rather than problems. You begin to shift your mindset away from being a victim of your circumstances.

  3. Start taking action. Once you begin to choose your own thoughts and start identifying opportunities, you begin to feel inspired. You start to feel yourself compelled to take certain actions that will begin to move you towards what you want. The minute you begin to take actions, you've begun the cycle of assuming responsibility for your results -- and for your happiness.

    If you're not willing or afraid to take an action, ask yourself how badly you really want change. If you really want it badly enough, then take responsibility for initiating the action. There's no point waiting for someone else to take action for you because that's only going to prolong the current situation in which you are unhappy.

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