You can motivate yourself to lose weight from your past, present and future!

Humbug! you say?

That's what you think now but after understanding the power of your emotions and how to make them work for you, you will become a true believer!

The first thing you need to understand is that your motivation for weight loss will come from how you:

- felt about your body in the past

- feel about it now

- choose to feel about it later

#1 of the Weight loss motivation tips - learn from your past!

Remember a time when you were made fun of for being in bad shape? Or something bad happened to you because you weren't exactly a 'fitness model'? What's it like when you relive that experience? Do you feel bad again? Good!

Why is that good? Those moments emotionally impact you and they hurt!

Make time for your past now (get it? Time for your past now? ;-) ) and show those people who made fun of you, or that illness that tried to take you, who's boss!

When I was a kid my best friends would look at my long, curly hair and big stomach and say "You remind me of that Saint Bernard I used to own!" which made me feel bad.

Nowadays, I relive that moment and imagine seeing him again with my new and improved body!

Does working out for a better body so that I can prove him wrong make me feel good? You bet!

Is it an effective motivation for weight loss? It was for me and I'm sure it will be for you too!

#2 of the weight loss motivation tips - be aware of your present!

How are you looking now? Not too good? How about taking a picture of yourself and putting it on your desktop?

Worse, put it everywhere in your place as a reminder of what you really look like! Get sick and tired of how you look and vow to change your appearance now!

That's what I did. You can see one of my before pictures here at the middle of the page.

Sure your case might be worse, but my body fat percentage was 24% at that time and as far as I was concerned, I didn't like the way my body looked.

#3 of the weight loss motivation tips - choose your future!

Who is someone you genuinely want to look like? A famous actor or actress? Someone you know? Someone you've met?

I met this guy in my Muay Thai class who's in great shape and every time I see him I tell myself that I need to lose weight fast so that I can look like him.

I will commit to the process until I get it!

Author's Bio: 

Dan is the founder of He is a Certified NLP practitioner who has worked as a financial educator, dating coach and personal trainer for more than two years.

He enjoys martial arts, learning languages and reading.

He currently lives in Seoul where he teaches Self-Improvement and financial education.