Finding the right food to start eating clean and healthy is often riddled with the pain of having to eat things that you don't often enjoy. Therefore we're often left with nothing but to go back to our old ways of eating things that just aren't that great for us.

The 21st century has brought on many new things, one of those is a microscope that's been put under all of our diets. Remember when that documentary, "Supersize Me" came out? It was about a man that ate nothing but McDonald's for a month. I'm pretty sure that's the ONLY time that I've even considered that junk food is probably bad for you, although I was in primary school so you need to give me some credit for that.

Now more than ever, companies are focused on producing food that they say is good for you and a lot of money has been put on marketing for this very reason. However, I want to take a step back and keep it simple. What this post is about, is what are some actual ways you can start eating clean, and how can you get started today?

3 Ways To Start Eating More Clean And Green

First of all, when I talk about clean eating, I mean a well-balanced diet. Not those snacks that say that they are healthy and 99% sugar-free. Read on.

1. Increase Fruit & Vegetable Intake

Well, of course, one of the most important things is fruits and vegetables, no surprises here right?

Fruits and vegetables are filled with fibers and minerals that are good for our gut and overall health. The adequate intake is 2 pieces of fruit and 5 pieces of vegetables a day. Look, even I don't pull off the 2 pieces of fruit every day but I was looking to have vegetables with either lunch or dinner.

I've found that Brocolli in particular, helps a lot, especially with your gut health and bowels.

I know they don't taste as good, but you can mix them in your favorite dishes such as a stir-fry. Everyone's got to start somewhere with eating greens right? And you don't need to suffer from eating them just plain boiled.

2. Have lean based meats

It doesn't need to be all leafy greens and juicy apples. You can enjoy a lot of lean meats that aren't too focused on fat. Fat is not necessarily bad for you, but when you're focusing on changing to clean eating it will be worth a shot giving lean meats a go.

Think turkey breasts, chicken breasts, whole fish, and so on. Salmon tends to have a lot of fat but I really love Barramundi as a choice.

I oftentimes make my Barramundi, together with some broccoli, and enjoy a bit of tartare sauce on the side which makes all of the dishes taste perfect.

Avoid soda, and opt for sparkling water dashed with some lemon and it tastes amazing with the fish.

Having a good pan for grilling and searing will go a long way.

3. Try different things

For me, I never liked eggplant initially, the look of it, smell of it, and texture just didn't appeal to me. I think this is something that we tend to from childhood.

After trying it in various dishes I fell in love with it, and as a vegetable, it is good for you.

Try giving all the things you didn't like in the past a go, in various different ways and start seeing if you enjoy it. This is what happened to me for eggplant, broccoli and spinach which I now eat all of and enjoy.


There you have it, some ways to start eating clean. And remember, it doesn't need to be a chore. You can add it to your existing dishes, just to ensure you're getting the intake of the right foods and as time goes by you can try new things and include foods such as greens and vegetables or lean meats to your diet every day. Good luck!

Author's Bio: 

Paul is an aspiring amateur chef from Sydney, Australia. Paul comes from Vietnam and has a passion for Asian food. He has visited Asia including Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Singapore and hopes to inspire others with his passion for food.