After knowing where inferiority come from you might have already guessed what should be done in order for you to get over it. If inferiority developed because of failing to deal with life challenges then learning how to deal with them and to build trust in your abilities will set you free from inferiority complex.

But first before we do this we need to question these deeply rooted beliefs of being worthless and inadequate that you formed long ago so that we can get rid of them.

Here are some facts that will help you weaken these beliefs and get over them:

• You are not worthless, they are sick: The abusive person that caused you your inferiority is actually the one who needed treatment at that time and not you. The very critical person who constantly criticized you is either feeling inferior and his criticism is nothing more than the reflection of his own self talk or that was the way he was brought up as a child and so he is just repeating what he have learned. The person who neglected you might have been severely depressed or mentally unstable and that’s why he did so. In all cases there is no excuse for dealing with a child in a bad way except having personal problems that get reflected on the child. In short, you weren’t treated badly because you were worthless but you were treated badly because you met sick people.

• You are not your past: The inferiority complex you are feeling now is a reflection of the inferiority feelings you experienced as a child. Things are different now!! You are not that helpless child anymore, you are a strong adult now and there is no reason to feel inferior because of your past, in short you are not your past but you are someone else now!!

• Beware of masks: people don’t feel inferior all the time but instead they only feel inferior when they encounter an unfavorable comparison. For example any of the following reasons might let you recall the feelings of inferiority:

- Meeting someone who is much more beautiful than you
- Seeing someone drive a very expensive car
- Finding yourself in the middle of people who appear to be of a higher social class

So inferiority is only experienced after comparisons and if we found a mechanism to stop these comparisons from happening then will prevent the feelings from inferiority.

In order to stop these comparisons from happening you have to be aware of the masks people wear. People wear masks all the time to appear in the best form in front of others. Everyone does his best to act powerful, confident and rich. In all cases of comparisons one of two things will be going on:

-Either you will be perceiving a distorted reality and thinking that a completely ordinary person is better than you. An ordinary person who might be as anxious as you might appear superior to you and make you believe that you are inferior. Again you have to look at humans in a different way and remember that they are all having different kinds of flaws. The moment you made the comparison you wasn’t aware of the flaws because you were too focused on their good quality but once you put the full picture into consideration you wont feel inferior to them.

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