Increasing your brain power may not be a difficult as you thought; simply following three simple steps you can increase the power of your brain.

Exercising the brain is very important games such as chess, are ideal for exercising the brain, math and word puzzles and logic puzzles will also exercise the brain keeping it sharp and agile. Just as an athlete or sportsman needs to keep their muscles exercised in order to keep up the fitness levels of their muscles and body, so the brain needs to be kept exercised in order to keep it at optimum performance.

A very simple concentration training technique is to simply find a point on the wall for example as just stare at it, this not only helps to relax the mind, but also helps you keep control of thoughts, a wandering mind is not a focused mind, and the brain needs to be able to focus, in order to provide optimum power.

Allowing the brain to relax and training the mind not to wander does take some practice, but the benefits are worth the effort. With a little practice the technique will become second nature.

Just as a sports person or athlete needs to train and rest, so the brain needs to train and rest, it is in the rest period of the mind that the brain is able to organize its self and produce new brain cells.

The brain needs to be rested and organized, the organized brain is able to retrieve information far more quickly, and this improvement inretrieval is what we associated with having a good memory.

At least six hours sleep is very important to aid the brain and meditation is also a great asset to resting the brain, taking time out to allow the brain to rest is vital to the overall performance of the brain.

In our busy world it can be very hard to allow the mind to relax, the brain is being constantly bombarded with information and distractions, and we may feel we simply don’t have the time to relax, work on brain exercises, play games or even get enough sleep, given the impact the world around us has on our lives, it is hardly surprising many people suffer with concentration and memory problems, and the constant brain chatter can prevent restful sleep, the combination of these factors can also lead to many people suffering from stress, which could result in a vicious circle which can prove to be very difficult to break.

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