Flirting is a language of its own.

It doesn’t make sense logically.

And most guys fail at it when trying it with women.

Often times the girl will give that casual laugh of “yeah nice try”.

That direct approach to flirting rarely works, especially if you’re a shy guy. Direct approach of “Hey wana go out for dinner?”

Flirting is the kind of communication that dials up the attraction mechanism in a woman. When done correctly it will get her to open up to you in ways that’s not usually available to most men. It creates a fun playful atmosphere for her to enjoy the interaction and it’s at a totally different communication level.

It quickly lets you figure out if the girl is into you or not, and if she’s not this is a way to begin getting her interested.

It lets you build attraction without ever having to say “I like you”.

Flirting is a great tool that women wished you used more often. And when you do, you increase your chances of ever getting her...and getting laid!

Yeah, getting laid! Because eventually that’s on every guy’s mind.

Here are three examples from my own life on how to flirt so you can get a better idea. When you “get it” it won’t require any thinking. You’ll find your own ways of flirting once you start practicing.


This first example is a low-key kind of flirting that start building up positive tension.

It’s an example from a text message between a friend and I:

Me: Pizza pizza pizza pizza

Her: I’m going on vacation today

Me: But but, you’re my friend :(

This is fun to use because she’s in a situation where she has no choice with the decision. And you’re giving her a hard time about it in a playful way. She knows exactly what this means and quite often she’ll play along. Or you could even say “But...friends are supposed to be there for each other. Especially when someone wants pizza.” and make her feel bad. She’ll call you a jerk but still have fun with your conversation and that’s the sweet spot.


I was talking to a girl and not long after she got Chickenpox. I guess she was just one of those who got it late. Anyways after I felt a bit of attraction vibe coming from her I asked “Hey, if I kissed someone that had chickenpox would I also get infected?” Everything there was implied and I never told her I was attracted to her directly...but this started a flirty conversation.


Here’s one where you playfully tease her.
When a girl talks to you about a quirk she has such as eating the crust of a pizza first, reply with “Would you ever set me up with someone who does that? eats the crust of a pizza first??” If you do it right you’ll get her laughing and you’ll get that “What, is that not good enough for you?” type of reply, but she’ll know you’re teasing. You can use #3 if you’re more comfortable with yourself.

This is the type of communication that gets women interested and gets them to have fun talking to you. Compare it with the boring stuff like “Ohhh you and I work the same jobs, don’t we have so much in common?” type of interactions.

I hope you’re starting to get an idea on what flirting is and how to do it.

Use it and start practicing it.

Once you’ve flirted enough you can ask her out and she’s more than likely to say yes if she responded well before.

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