Towing has always been a mess. Imagine a situation when you are driving and your car breaks down all of a sudden in the middle of a highway. What can be more infuriating than searching for ‘towing near me' and you get no towing service provider available at your rescue?

Waiting for hours for the towing services to arrive is always frustrating but the situation can get even worse when your car gets further affected during towing.

So, it's important you hire a reliable car towing company who can do the task with perfection and care.


Here, we will walk you through 3 effective ways to ensure your car doesn't get damaged while towing.

Be Careful About the Brakes

Whenever you get stuck in the middle of a road, you call the best car towing service in Melbourne. You know that your car isn't going to move anywhere on its own, so you put on the brakes. This way, you might end up with huge damage to your car while towing.

When you take off the brake, your car can be towed safely with two wheels resting on the road. While doing so, make sure there's nothing to damage the brakes. A few car towing companies offer towing via flatbed with no wheels on the road. As a result, the brakes don't get affected.

Take Pictures During the Towing Process

If you are unfortunate to end up with a severe car breakdown in the middle of the road, make sure to click enough pictures of your car. Before the car towing service arrives at the spot, make sure you are ready with the proof of evidence.

Thinking about how can it help? Well, taking pictures of your car from all angles act as evidence of your car's condition prior to the towing process. The images will prove to be on-spot evidence of your car's health before towing and you can charge the companies in case of any damage that might occur while towing.

Don't Forget to Roll Up The Windows

A sudden breakdown of your car in the middle of a highway can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are a beginner. Such an unfortunate incident can baffle any experienced driver as well. Before opting for cheap towing in Melbourne, make sure you wind up the windows of your car.

Car towing has always been a hassle. However, a few standard precautions can save your car from further damage. Make sure you wind up all the windows of your car before towing. This can prevent dust and dirt from getting inside your car from the backside of the towing truck.

It can be daunting to remove the heap of dust and you might have to incur additional expenses for getting your car cleaned by professionals.

Ending Words

Cars are subject to frequent technical breakdowns. So, you must conduct routine car inspections so that you don't land up with a disaster while being on road. However, if you confront any malfunctions while driving, you can contact the trusted companies offering prompt and affordable road assistance.

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The author is working as a professional in a renowned company offering car towing in Melbourne for years and has never failed to impress clients with cheap towing in Melbourne.