Have you ever wondered why you may be perpetually single or why you are always dating the wrong person? Does it seem like you're dating the same person over and over again with the only difference being the names and faces? In other words, are you always in unhappy relationships? If so, you've probably asked yourself why. Better yet, you're wondering how you can change this disturbing trend.

Here are 3 ways to attract the right partner for a happy relationship:

1) Let Go of the Past and Forgive - You may hear this quite often but the fact is that holding on to your past is affecting your present. What you focus on comes to existence. By holding on to grudges and resentments, you create more of the same misery in yourself and your current relationship. Instead, focus on what you truly want in a relationship such as love, joy, peace, and happiness. Clear up the past. Forgive all those that may have hurt you in the past. Forgive yourself for any perceived wrongs you may have committed. Forgives cleanses you and paves the way for a happy future.

2) Love Yourself and Boost Your Self-Image - You were created to be special. You have many talents. There is nobody else like you. Love the person that you are. Remind yourself every day how special you are. Become a better person every day. Count your blessings daily. Every morning and every evening, give thanks for who you are, what you have, and the special people in your life.

3) Be Detached - Once you've decided that you're ready for a happy relationship, focus on your desire and then let it go. Focus on the "why" but release the "how". There are too many ways that you can meet your right partner. If you worry about how and when you'll meet the right partner, you immediately limit yourself and repel the opportunity. By detaching yourself, you're telling the Universe that you have absolute faith in attracting the right partner.

Just by practicing the 3 principles above, you will go a long way towards changing your thoughts about yourself and your relationships for the better. Enjoy the new you and your new, improved relationship.

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