At one point or another, most of us have experienced that feeling of wanting to be “discovered” for our area of expertise. We secretly hope that someday, someone is going to recognize our brilliance and tell the world about it.

I have felt that way too. For decades, I secretly waited for that chance meeting like the ones you read about where the waitress became the next super model or movie star! Of course, my unexpected knock on the door held an offer of a TV show like Rachel Ray's or something that would allow me to get my gifts out into the world in a big way.

Finally, I realized that no one was coming to my door. If I wanted to be the go-to expert in my area, I’d have to create it.

I’d have to assume the throne and crown myself. And so I did, eventually adopting the expert title, the Queen of Sales Conversion.

Assuming the throne is not about ego. It’s about really owning your gifts, that unique blessing that is yours. It’s about stepping up, declaring yourself the expert in your field...and so it is.

Here are three of the best ways that I know to assume the throne and own your category:

1. Pick a specific and narrow piece of your field to claim. For instance, mine is about making irresistible offers and inspiring on-the-spot action, which comprise my Invisible Close brand. My narrow focus allows me to share the stage—and the spotlight—with other experts in the “sales” arena, who focus on other parts of the process.

2. Be the one who interviews others in your field. This confers onto you more ownership of the overall space, as others see you as a highest-level expert. In our industry interviewing others by phone or webinar is known as a telesummit or virtual event. I’ll tell you more about telesummits in our next ezine, and you can also jump on my first-ever free training call on this subject next week.

3. Find partners in your area of expertise where you complement but don’t compete. For instance, I teach Speak-to-Sell and Brian Tracy teaches presentation skills, so we complement each other really well, and send each other a lot of clients, and don’t tend to compete.

As you can see, there’s really no reason to wait for someone else to discover you. Go on out there and assume the throne.

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