Without romance, life is dry. Without romance, life is but a sigh. Without romance, we are all but waiting to die. Romance is what makes us feel more human than we are. And thank heavens! there are those who let us drink from the fountain of romance that they create with their words, our beloved romance authors.

Romance has different sub-genres. Here, we shall be talking about 3 of the best historical romance novels; one of the most popular sub-genres of romance that give us a taste of love from the past. Here are 3 most popular historical romance novels that you should read in order to quench your thirst for romance:

Inheriting Trouble by Wendy May Andrews
When wellborn but penniless village girl Georgia Holton visits the Season, along with her best friends, the five daughters of the Earl of Sherton, she meets the handsome, wealthy and widowed Earl of Crossley. Reluctant to marry at all, he encounters the five girls from Sherton and their beautiful friend. And he gets immediately attracted to her.

But when the confusion about the inheritance of Georgia comes to light, the Earl and she come into close association for the obligation to right a wrong. But can he trust her truly? Is she different from other women he has known? And can Georgia get close to a man of high society when she herself leads a village life?

A sweet regency romance, this is one of the best historical romance novels with happy-endings and no cliffhangers. You can easily get hold of this as it is available on Amazon as a free romance book for kindle.

Poisoned Legacy by Jenny Wheeler
Graysie Castellanos is finally happy as she is going to inherit a rundown mine in Sierra Nevada. She heaves a sigh of relief as her daughter can now have a happy childhood and a brighter future. But dark clouds seem to form over her dreams as the people of Sierra Nevada begin dropping dead under mysterious circumstances. Nathan Russell, an Aussie-born adventurer decides to not desert them and help them out. Things get worse when his old rivals turn up and they only get pulled into the mystery of the dark forces slowly taking control. Graysie and Nathan must find out what is going on before they are chosen as the next targets.

A heart-pumping page-turner, this historical romance is easily available in Amazon free books for kindle for romance lovers.

A White Rose for the Marquess by Fanny Finch
When Hathaway loses her family in an accident, she becomes enslaved as a servant at her aunt’s. She loses all hope until when she sings at a masquerade and a whole new destiny unlocks for her.

Marquess of Highvale, Arthur Ainsworth wants to fulfill his sick father’s last wish to see him married. And one night, after he hears a woman sing, her voice brings his memories to him.

All that remains for them is to sail through an ocean of lies and secrets before finding each other.
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