3 Unique Ways to Incorporate Honey into Your Skincare

Honey has been popular within the skincare industry because of its many skin benefits. For instance, honey is most commonly known for its ability to reduce the appearance of acne on your skin, and it can even help to increase the healing process of your skin cells. Given the wide variety of benefits that honey has on your skin, many skincare professionals recommend utilizing the substance. But how can you use it for your skin?

Here are three unique ways that you can incorporate honey into your skincare routine. Whether you’re new to the skincare game or you’ve been using face masks and caring for your skin for years, these unique skincare ideas are easy and recommended for anyone wanting to benefit from the positive effects of honey.

1. Honey Cleanser

Honey can be incorporated into your skin routine by making it a cleanser to help remove the dirt and makeup from your pores. Cleansers are one of the most common types of skincare routine methods since they’re easy and quick to do. All you have to do is simply wash your face with the cleanser substance and then rinse it off. That being said, it only takes a few minutes.

In order to use honey for a facial cleanser, you should mix raw, natural homey with pieces or natural plant oils. This will help to alter the texture of the honey to make it smoother and easier to lather on your skin. More specifically, the best plant oils to use for mixing with the honey are either coconut oils or jojoba oils.

2. Honey Mask

Similar to honey cleansers, using honey for a face mask has also grown in popularity over time. It’s essentially the easiest method out of most skincare routines since you don’t have to alter the chemical composition or the texture of the honey in order to retrieve its benefits.

To use a honey face mask, all you have to do is apply the raw honey directly to your face and then leave it on for around 10 to 20 minutes. Once the time is up, simply rinse your face off with warm water.

This is typically the most beneficial way to incorporate honey into your skincare because the raw honey is applied directly to your pores. Through this method, the honey can work to unclog the dirt from your pores and also provide your skin with moisture.

It’s also important that you use raw, natural honey since other honey has likely been altered and can potentially cause negative effects. You can find raw honey all over the market, but just make sure that it’s a high-quality one, like linden honey, since you’ll be smearing it directly onto your pores.

3. Exfoliator

Lastly, you can use honey in your skincare routine to exfoliate your pores. Since honey has a smoother and stickier texture, many people aren’t aware that it can be used for an exfoliant. But when you mix it with other spices, then you can more effectively clean out and exfoliate your pores.

The most common spices to combine with the honey for exfoliant are either baking soda or ground nutmeg. Baking soda is great to use because it acts as a light exfoliant while cleaning out your pores. And ground nutmeg is great because it also unclogs your pores and reduces the appearance of any blemishes. This is because of its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey itself is effective as an exfoliant because it can reduce any infection or swelling that you may have in your skin already. And it can help to provide your skin with moisture as you use the drying baking soda and ground nutmeg. You’re only recommended to exfoliate your skin with honey and an organic spice once or twice a week since it can cause micro-abrasions.

Overall, honey is capable of offering a wide range of benefits for your skin. It can help your skin cells in their healing process and can reduce the appearance of blemishes. It’s also popularly used for acne and reducing scarring that’s associated with acne problems. Honey is easily accessible and can be found at practically any store, but you’ll just want to make sure that you use raw, organic honey if you’re using it for facial skincare purposes.

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