When deciding to move out to a different country, you are usually conscious of the potential challenges that all the newcomers have to face. Check out the pragmatic tips for starting your new chapter of life in Poland.

Are you planning to move into one of the Polish cities? Or maybe you are still considering it, drawn by the career or studying opportunities? There are a few things you should know before starting to take full advantage of your stay. Even though some things may be initially difficult due to a language barrier, don' get discouraged. Polish people are quite hospitable, and they will probably be glad to help you. 

Renting a flat

When searching for a flat, pay special attention to the details. First of all, make sure that it's well connected to the rest of the city by public transport. There are a few websites that contain the offers, but the easiest way to find the room is through Facebook groups. There you will find the biggest amount of English-speaking announcements.  Remember to be quick - due to a big amount of students, the rooms in the cities like Kraków, Warsaw or Wrocław disappear quite quickly. If you're planning to move in around September or October, start searching in August already. The owners usually require the deposit of one-month rent, which they refund after you move out. 

PESEL number

It's the taxpayer number that you should obtain - otherwise, you won't be able to start your bank account or get a medical service. That procedure won't take a lot of your time - you just need to visit the closest City Hall and register at your address. Take the rental agreement with you, remembering that it should be in Polish. 


If you are not only visiting Poland for the semester of Erasmus but planning to stay for the full length of the studies, you will need to get a residency card. Since you are studying, it shouldn't be difficult - otherwise, you will need to find a job. Usually, you need to book a meeting, and the period of waiting may be up to three months. That's why it is worth to start dealing with the bureaucracy as soon as you arrive in the country. Note that the travel visa is only 90 days - that's why you need to speed up the process as much as possible.

These three things are essential when moving to Poland. It may be helpful to meet some locals who will guide you through the formalities that may require the knowledge of Polish. 

However, the amount of people knowing the basics of English is quite big comparing to other European countries.

The article was prepared in cooperation with Think Poland - Study and Work in Poland for foreigners.

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