Tip 1: Put it down on paper with details.

Write your vision down on paper and include all of the details that accompany the vision. There is no right or wrong way and there is no such thing as too many details - it’s your vision, put down whatever comes to mind. The more details the better though so try not to skimp on those!

Tip 2: Put images to it. Make a Vision Board.

(consider doing this for each area of your life, ex. this year I am doing a specific travel vision board)

Take pictures from magazines or from the internet that match your vision and create a vision board. You can also include words, sentences or phrases on your vision board (you can even make these different colors and sizes to stand out). You can even add your own drawings or scribbles. Get creative!

Having a vision board helps keep the vision clear, helps you stay focused on your intentions, and creates motivation to keep you moving toward your vision. A vision board can help you keep the positive energy flowing and keep your mindset of ‘intent’ clear.

Keep your vision board where you will see it every single day (and as often throughout the day as possible). Maybe this is in your home office, maybe it’s in your kitchen if you don’t have a dedicated home office.

Extra Tip: you can even take a picture of your vision board and use it as your background and/or screen saver on your computer ;-)

Tip 3: Track your achievements that contribute to making your vision a reality.

It’s important to track our achievements. Some days you might feel down, overwhelmed or frustrated; when you do, seeing that you’ve made progress can help lighten your mood and get you refocused. It’s only human to have those moments of distraction or negativity, we just need something that can help change our mood around and keep us focused - what better way to feel good than to realize your accomplishments and know that you’re that much closer to your vision?

You can do this in several ways, you just have to figure out what works best for you. You can give yourself a star on your vision board each time you become a step closer; you can keep a list by your computer of your accomplishments; you can put it on your calendar or your Facebook wall. ...you may want to put it somewhere like your Facebook wall in addition to however else you choose to track it because your friends & associates will likely cheer you on, which always feels good!

Do you have any tips or ways you’ve been successful in achieving your visions that you can share with us? We’d love to hear...and I’m sure others that are working toward their visions would love the additional ideas too! We would also LOVE to see a picture of your vision board when you’ve created it!

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