It is a common feeling to miss your ex after the breakup. This is because you became used having him or her around and having to do things with them. The feeling usually lasts for awhile, but it you have been miserable without your ex, then you might need help to get your ex back.

There is nothing wrong with wanting your past relationship to work in the future. However, you should be aware of your actions when it comes to winning your ex back. You do not want to be too aggressive for him or her to feel threatened nor be too lax to make them realize that you do not care anymore. So in order for you to do it right, here are a few tips:

1.Do not resist the break up

If you two have just been broken up for quite some time, do not resist it. Allow the circumstance to take place and always keep your composure. Never beg your ex to not leave you nor cry over about it in front of him or her. It will only annoy or scare your ex away. Try to agree with the break up in a peaceful manner even though it may hurt you a lot. This makes you a mature person by knowing how to respond to this kind of situation.

2. Provide your ex some time and space

Once again, if it has been just a few weeks after the breakup, give some time and space for your ex. Try not to push your self too much because this will just overwhelm his or her hurtful feeling. The space and time that you will give your ex will also be a healthy way of clearing off his mind about your mistakes if the breakup is due to your fault. If it is your ex’s fault, then it will help him or her ponder on his mistakes and shortcomings in the relationship. It will also allow him to think of ways on how to make it up with you and reverse the breakup.

3. Keep communication lines open

You can be in touch with your ex and give him or her space at the same time. This means you should not be too involved in his or her daily activities. You should be able to know your boundaries because you are no longer the partner who should know his or her every move. Communicate once in a while and act nice to your ex despite the awful breakup.

Leaving someone dear to you is always an awful experience. But that does not mean you have to say goodbye to him or her forever, knowing these tips above will truly help get your ex back in no time.

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