When constructing a wine cellar, you can renovate your house and make it a cold room. The basic element to build the wine room is the environment. If the environment is right your wine can be protected.

Before constructing the wine room, check the guidelines:

• Insulate the room:

The general rule when building the wine cellar is insulation. For this, you need to build thicker wall. The thicker the walls the better the cellar maintains the consistent temperature. A vapour barrier is required for building the cellar. Install the vapour barrier within the cellar. Wrap the entire ceilings, walls and cellar, so the insulation can be placed easily. You need to insulate the cellar because of cooler temperatures and higher moisture levels. There are some methods of insulation that are known by the wine cellar designers.

• Build the ceilings and walls:

After the insulation, it is very important to build suitable ceilings and walls. Be sure the temperature will remain constant and the room is not affected by the outside elements. Build the concrete floor to prevent any moisture from the ground. You can build wooden floors in your basement. It is best to use waterproof materials to prevent damage from leak that may occur. Wooden floor is easy to install. You may use tiles for wine room construction as it is easy to clean up and gives your basement a polished look.

• Lighting and doors:

Two more elements that have an impact on wine cellar are lighting and doors for wine storage solutions. Along with this, you need to install the cooling unit; otherwise, your cellar will not be able to maintain its proper temperature and humidity levels. You can build the door with glass and make sure that the glass is tempered. On the other hand, lighting becomes a very important part of the décor. Use sufficient lighting to make an enjoyable atmosphere and that is possible to see in the cellar. If you leave the lights on for long periods, it will have an impact on the temperature.

Bottom Line:

Though the building methods may seem complex, the cellar designers can handle it and can build this with their skills. Avoid poorly sealed door for your unit as it can shorten the cellar’s lifespan. Along with this, use low-voltage lights as LED or fluorescent for wine room construction.

Author's Bio: 

Neil Smallman is a writer who has interior designing experience in wine room construction. He began designing and building custom wine storage solutions for many years. From small closets to divine wine cellar rooms for entertaining, his articles get much popularity for both commercial and residential clients.