We've all probably had skiing buddies or friends who have sustained some type of injury on the slopes either while skiing or riding snowboards. While it is a fantastic form of entertainment it can come with a giant and painful price. If you want to make sure that you stay safe and injury free you need to remain up to date on the latest sporting techniques, practice common sense and always have your wits about you. In this article we will discuss proven techniques to keep you on your game and (hopefully) injury free.

Snowboarders tend to spend a lot of time sitting but this is not always on purpose. This is why you always need to be wearing waterproof pants when you go out. You probably think the idea of spending money on waterproof pants and actually wearing them is dumb or dorky but after spending a day not wearing them you will appreciate them quite a lot! There are plenty of reasons to want to be as warm and dry as possible. This is about a lot more than just convenience and comfort. Kneepads are also a must because without them your knees will really take a beating during the day.

You can advance your skiing skills further by mastering short turns. Doing pivot slip turn drills will help you improve your short turn ability. To practice this drill, face downhill and rotate both your legs left to right by 180 degrees. That's the steps of the pivot slip turn drill. Practicing this drill on groomed snow will make it a bit easier. Don't neglect proper pole planting as this helps you maintain a smooth flow and your overall rhythm. If you want to learn how to execute this drill properly, then you should simply sign-up for a short instruction session with a professional ski instructor.

Then it's simply putting in the practice time.

It is also a good idea to devise a quick release system for your snowboard. It will require some slight modifications to be made to your plate binding, though. There are many reasons that a lot of riders highly suggest doing this. You could run into various situations that you require you to jettison your board. You can find the plans for the modifications easily and it's not that difficult to do. You can also look for a board shop that is willing to do it if you would rather not. This activity is a double edged sword that we all love. Every year we hanker and long for the moment we can hit the slopes. So get your gear in for a tune up and be ready to go. Plan before you go.

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