There is nothing better than a freshly painted wall that not just makes your house feel new but also adds to the aesthetics and increases the value of the house. With numerous types of paints available and the wide variety of colours to choose from, it comes about as a onetime investment where you paint it once for it to last for an extended period. Regular maintenance and necessary care for the walls is known to make the paint have better longevity.

Believe it or not, just as we make use of all other belongings in the house, the walls are often ignored given the same rough use they witness. With time, the condition of the walls and the paint on it deteriorate in quality due to reasons such as the changing weather, the presence of children and their activities, the smoke from cigarettes or probably fireplaces, etc. and that is the reason why regular maintenance and monitoring ensure that the wall paint lasts long.

Here are few tips that come directly from the expert domestic painters in Perth which can help you maintain painted walls and retain its sheen.

Make it a habit of dusting the walls

Just as you dust furniture and other visible areas at your reach with a cloth or probably with a duster, ensure that you clean the walls as well. Making use of a stick duster could allow you to get rid of loose dust that makes itself comfortable on the walls. Removing cobwebs and dust balls from the corners as well as the ceiling would not just improve the longevity of the wall but also allow you room to look cleaner. Dusting the walls every once in a while would sort things out without having to repaint it all over again.

Pay attention to the walls of the kitchen and washroom

These are areas that encounter liquid contact either at the kitchen while washing the dishes, the time when you are cutting juicy fruits and vegetables or probably while making use of sauces while cooking. The spills from shampoos and soaps at the bathrooms to make the walls dirty. The walls witness all of these while allowing mould formation and permanent staining. While you clean such high-activity areas whenever you notice a stain, the ways get to retain its sheen without having to look ugly.

Clean areas that are touched the most

Do you know the areas of the walls that witness the maximum contacts? The wall below the switchboards, the wall adjacent to the doors and windows and the wall along the staircase is known to witness the most hand impressions which aren’t often clean. The professionals for commercial painting in Perth too agree that it is known to leave behind stains and black marks which stay along unless attended. This is also known to make the walls coarse while making you spend on a repainting task at the soonest.Cleaning the walls with a solution containing water and washing liquid does the deal and leaves behind sheen.

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