Writing a business email is something any internet marketer MUST learn to do if earning a long term income is their goal! Anybody who has been online for even a short period of time has undoubtedly heard the saying 'the money is in the list' but only if you know how to compose an email effectively! The point is that even with a huge list if you don't know how to communicate with them your 'dreams' of generating a long term income will remain just that, dreams!

Here are 3 suggestions any internet marketer can use to compose an email that will help them grow both their business and bank account!

Be Brief

For starters it's important to remember when you compose an email you need to keep it as brief as possible or it won't get read! People are busy and don't want to spend much time reviewing the contents of their in-box! Composing a lengthy message will likely only result in having it ignored and deleted so be brief and get right to the point!

Engage Readers

You already know what many on your list have an interest in due to the fact they answered your ad or were attracted to the theme of your site! Now that you have them in your 'wheel-house' it's up to you to keep their attention by addressing their interests which can be done by offering relevant information they can use! Create a heading that will capture the attention of your readers since this is one of the most effective ways to get people to open your email! Your success as an internet marketer to build a long term income by emailing offers to your list members is dependent upon getting recipients to view the message! If people don't read what you wrote you're wasting your time therefore people must FIRST be engaged by a captivating headline to persuade them to read further!

Use Links

It's important to have links in every email since this adds 'value' to the message itself in the eyes of your readers! By sending people to another site you have 'renewed' their intrigue and recaptured' their attention all over again! Linking to your blog, a product offer or even another source of information are all great destinations to which you can send your readers! People simply feel they're getting more out of the communication when they are sent to other locations besides the fact a change of scenario is invigorating! One last note on this topic is that when you compose an email using links to other locations it helps you to keep the message brief which as discussed above is important!

Writing a business email is just about as important to any internet marketer as it is to actually make a sale! One of the most widely accepted strategies for earning a long term income online is to build a list and this requires composing and communicating email messages effectively! The purpose of our discussion here today was to boil down in 3 steps what it takes to compose an email that will help you grow your income online! Always remember to keep it short, relevant and never be afraid to use 'purposeful' links which typically intrigues readers and , of course, keeps you message even shorter!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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