All human beings want to be happy and what is even more beneficial is knowing how to be happy no matter what. The suicide of fashion designer, longtime girlfriend of Mick Jagger, L'Wren Scott makes one think what could have prevented it or stopped it. The truth is we will never know. However, one can speculate that had she known that she could be happy no matter what, she would not have taken her life in a moment of utter desperation.

Here are 3 things you can do to be happy no matter what whether or not you are suicidal. These are staples in living. May they be of benefit to you during difficult times.

Accept the moment you are in and KNOW it is just one moment and not the big picture.

If we can always know that the big picture is so much more than just one moment in time, we can see hope in the future. The second one stops looking at the big picture and gets fixated on a bad moment is the second one gets on a very slippery slope. That's the danger zone you must pull yourself back from. The worst the thought, the more one has to tell oneself "No. This may be so now but this will not always be so."

Move towards creating inner balance

Everyone needs inner balance to help deal with whatever life brings and it can be created by knowing that, as Hermann Hesse, “Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” And that's just for starters.

If you want inner balance, you need to stop the constant running around. Down time is essential not just for replenishing ourselves but for simple relaxation. Listen to your gut instinct when it tells you "You need rest!" Listen to that voice of your highest self. Be connected to it and to divine guidance and you will always be led to what is best for you.

Simplify your life

Figure out what you really want and really need and cut out all the rest. Period. That's the BEST way to simplify your life.

Will life be perfect after you have all this in place? Of course not. But you'll be happy no matter what by always going back to these 3 things because you will know the moment will pass, you can move towards creating inner balance more and more any time and you can always stop and put your foot down on what you really want and need and cut out the rest. Print out this article and put it on your refrigerator, in your wallet, in your journal, wherever you can find it when you are feeling not so happy.

You can do this! You can be happy right now no matter what! Because happy and joyous is exactly what you were born to be! :-)

Now, your turn. Tell me in the comments below which of these 3 things resonate with you or which you will start on right now to build the muscle of being happy no matter what. Or, if you have other tips to being happy no matter what, please share them! Not only do I look forward to reading them and connecting with you via your response, but you never know what someone else may be going through such as L'Wren Scott was and perhaps by you sharing your experience or anything affirming at all, you can make a difference.

Thank you for contributing here.

Be Happy!
Narah Valenska Smith
"Life is TOO short and TOO beautiful to waste!"

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