3 Things To Look For While Finding Musicians For Your Band

By Tom Hess

Finding the right musicians for your band is about more than just musical skills. Look for these 3 things to find the best fit:

1. They Have An Empowering Mindset

High-quality musicians have positive and empowering mindsets that propel them to success in the music industry. These musicians are constantly looking for a positive spin on their situation and tend to find a way to overcome challenges. This makes them much better choices than a good majority of musicians who (whether they know it or not) assume the worst, have low expectations for their music career or present a negative attitude that may affect your band as a whole.

Always pay close attention to the mindset of each musician you audition and don't settle for someone who isn't as committed and empowered as the rest of the band.

2. They Have Similar Musical Goals

Ask prospective musicians what their goals are while they are auditioning. This tells you whether they are just interested in a side hobby or a serious career with your band. The most serious musicians have detailed answers about their goals and aspirations in the music business (as opposed to something like “I just want to play” or “I want to be a rock star”).

The best-case scenario is when you come across a musician who has the same goals as you and the members of your band. This tells you they are not only serious about their music career but will be serious about their loyalty to the band.

3. They Have Great Performing Skills

It’s one thing to have great musical talent or technique, and it’s another to be able to express yourself on stage and get the crowd into the music. You’ll find many musicians who are great at their instrument, but much fewer who are able to truly perform while playing.

Look for musicians who are able to move around, make performing gestures and express tons of energy while playing songs with the band. This shows you who is comfortable playing in higher-pressure situations (such as live on stage).

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