Everyone likes T-shirts with cool designs. The major reason why the t-shirt printing business is in demand. Stats even say that it will outgrow $10 billion by 2025. So,how can one craft these perfect designs? Opting for a t-shirt design tool can be a good idea as your customers can design the way they want.

Below, we have explained a few things you need to consider before printing your masterpiece.

1. Size
In t-shirt design, size matters a lot. Some would prefer an oversized t-shirt while many like to go with the standard size. While considering the size, it is necessary to look over the nature of the design and the garment properties for printing.

Depending on the shape, the print design size tends to look big or small. For example, circle and square shapes look bigger when shrunk from their standard size.

Another thing to consider is the garment style or the item design if it has a small print area. What if a t-shirt with front pockets has a size of max 10" and you want to print a lengthy quote on it. You are left with two options here. Either you can have a t-shirt designer tool that allows object resizing to fit the t-shirt (without covering pockets) or to change the design.

2. Typography and Fonts
Typography is a visual representation of the text. When it comes to t-shirt design, it reflects the design arrangement along with typeface (fonts), so that letter and line spacing is proper.

The fonts you choose for t-shirt design speaks a lot about your style. Seldom, it evokes a feeling or emotion unintentionally. Therefore, you should look for different fonts and characteristics they exhibit. For example, if you are providing a t-shirt design for a professional look, avoid Comic Sans. 'Batman Forever' might not convey the family reunion message that clearly. Some standard fonts work for all. And yet, there might be times when you need to go through several fonts before choosing one. All this can be overwhelming if you have to consider it manually or if they are not enough fonts available. A t-shirt design tool with custom font options would be a better option.

3. Image Quality
This is the most common problem when customers send their designs. Often, the images are of low resolution, and it does not give the clear idea of the quality and details to print the image.

Mostly, a t-shirt designer tool would notify the users about the maximum image resolution and required specifications. And to fit it, customers might compress the image to fit the resolution, leaving you with no choice but use the crappy print.

See to it that you could avoid it. Compressed files are not cool because sometimes they show the visible artifacts from the compression.

Another reason to fix image quality is a product photograph. Oftentimes, customers upload a mobile clicked image of the image on the laptop. They don't care that it may induce blurriness, cropping, or graininess.

Ideally, photos should be of high quality, and make sure that your t-shirt design tool allows you to set the limit.

Contrast, Inversion, Complexity, Borders are other things you need to focus on while printing designs on t-shirts. Even though your t-shirt designer tool would give your customers the freedom to edit and upload the images, you, at last, need to ensure that the design would be perfect. It is the human tendency to blame others when something does not go well.

We hope you will avoid these mistakes or more likely to invest in a t-shirt design tool with features to handle all these conditions.

Original Source: https://whattheythink.com/news/103844-three-things-keep-mind-while-designing-t-shirts/

Author's Bio: 

Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software & Web-to-Print Storefront Solution.