Many of us are prone to allergies and take all the possible steps to ensure that we are not exposed to the allergens. This can be a pretty easy task for the people who step outside their house. Either putting a mask on the face or avoiding visiting those places that have allergens can somehow prevent the person from allergies. However, what if the house you are residing in is full of allergens.

Survival for the family and the individual becomes near to impossible task with the allergens at home. If the person is diagnosed with the allergy, then the effective steps need to be taken to safeguard the sufferer to be the victim of allergen. This can include changing the daily routines, habits to ensure that the allergens are at bay. The untreated allergens can lead to the cause of some of the chronic respiratory and skin diseases.

Changing the place of living can sound something weird. Therefore, ensuring that the construction of the house be such that the elements that are vital for the survival are appropriately maintained is one of the approaches to allergy free homes in Melbourne. Experts say that the most common or the crucial factors for the allergy-free environment at home are the availability of the clean air, presence and the maintenance of the appropriate air humidity, and the control of the molds.

Maintaining a Clean Air

The allergens caused by the dirt and dust are the second most vital carriers of the allergens after the food. The items of luxuries like the sofa, curtains, and heavy carpets are considered as the “dust catchers”. These items play a significant role in the development of the dust mites. Apart from all these, there are several small items of daily use that contribute to the development of the dust.

It’s true that no one can overlook the dust. But, they need to form or find ways to ensure that there is no dust. Vacuuming at least twice a week the upholsteries is enough to ensure maintain a dust-free environment. Apart from this, the growing concept of reverse living has helped in ensuring the atmosphere and the environment of the house fresh and healthy for survival.

Maintaining a Humid Environment

Dry air makes you sick. It is because the present allergens in the air or the environment fly hither and thither in the room because of the lightweight. In the presence of moisture, these dry dirt and dust particles absorb the water and fall down on the floor without causing any harm.

Apart from this, the dry air causes several health issues. It irritates throat, eyes, nasal passage and leads to unwanted allergy symptoms. It leaves people to cough, sneeze. But, in the absence of the dryness, people can lead a comfortable life in the rooms.

Dealing with the Molds

Fungus is yet another problem and one of the major causative agents of allergy. Wiping the affected area with the wet mop helps in eradicating the fungus. The formation of molds takes place because of the object's ability to moisture. Therefore, evading keeping such objects indoor is one of the best ways to prevent the formation of the molds and further the allergens.


Charity begins at home, and so is the treatment of the allergens. The people must ensure that their homes are properly treated and use the best process for the treatment of the allergens.

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The author plans for the construction of allergy free homes in Melbourne and through the articles provides the readers with the idea of reverse living.