When a new distributor gets started in your MLM business, they are depending on you for direction. Without this direction, the chances of them quitting your business in the near future are greatly increased. Here are 3 things you can have available for your new distributor to get them started on the right track.
1.System- An explanation of your sales funnel and or system is important to have. This may be how you recruited your new rep in the first place. You need to have a system in place that they can easily follow. A recipe for failure is running our recruiting a bunch of people with no idea of how you did it.
The system should include all of the pique interest call numbers, presentation times, and step by step instructions of how to set up your online system if you are using the internet.
Also, you want to have the steps that a new person should follow to get started.
2. Company Numbers-If you are in a product based company, you definitely want to have the order number available. It is also important to have the company fax and customer service numbers available.
3. Training Call Numbers- If your team has training calls or if you host your own training, you definitely want to give your new reps this information.
It is best to host your own training calls if you want to be a leader in your business. If not, you at least want to be a part of a team with their own trainings. Some companies host their own calls, but I would not recommend relying solely on these.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen
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