Today there is so much pressure on women to fit a certain “body type” and live up to unachievable standards. It can put a lot of stress on you when there are already so many responsibilities that you have to fulfill. It can burden your mind and take away from your happiness.

What I often find when speaking to clients is that people search for diets as a way to achieve happiness. They view weight loss as success. What they don’t realize and what you may not realize is that finding happiness from external sources never works. Time and time again you’ll find yourself “failing” at your goals and this failure can be damaging. It can be especially damaging when you compare yourself to others. No one lives a perfect life, everyone is fighting their own battle.

Instead you need to find happiness from within. Here are 3 steps to help you start the journey towards loving yourself and your body:

1) Stop the body bashing. You know what I mean. This is when you look in the mirror and cannot find anything you like about your body. Your inner voice starts speaking to you in a harsh way…”you thighs are huge”, “you double chin looks terrible”. Would you speak this way to your friend? Probably not. Then why do you speak this way to yourself. Instead, focus on the beauty of your body, and if you find it hard to find one physical aspect you love, then consider all the good your body has done for you.

2) Stop comparing your body to others. When you walk into a room filled with people, do you wonder to yourself if you are the largest one there? You spot a girl who is super thin and you are envious of her body. However, you don’t know how she got that thin body. It is possible she has an eating disorder, or she is on a very restrictive diet which is unhealthy. Begin to feel confident in yourself and all your wonderful qualities. You will see as you stop comparing yourself to others, you will find a newfound love of your own body.

3) Begin to trust your body again. Your body won’t let you down. It’s when you stop listening to your body and start listening to outside messages that things veer off in a downward spiral. Commit to tuning into your body’s wisdom and letting it guide you and you will begin to feel empowered to move forward on your journey to healthy living.

Start your journey today towards loving yourself and loving your body. You will be happy you did.

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Bonnie R. Giller is the founder of She is committed to helping women learn how to LOVE themselves and their BODIES exactly as it is now and then gently move into a place of learning to trust their inner guidance system when it comes to nourishing themselves. Access FREE gifts to learn to love yourself and free yourself of food worries at