There are so many distractions, SO VERY MANY! and it is easy to allow these distractions take you away from the path to getting the life and the business you want.

Everything seems like a great idea…

Everyone makes their magic bullet solution seem like the ONLY way to make it to your goal…

And every single request seems like it must make it into your ‘ABSOLUTELY MUST DO’ list.

Except that all of these things can be the best thing since sliced bread or they can be the thing that takes you right off the narrow path and onto the ‘I am so busy doing everything and getting nowhere’ path – the path where lots of well-meaning almost-preneurs go to die.

It is soooo close to the narrow path and it is soo tempting to think that you are on path and yet, one day, you realise or if you are blessed and wise enough to work with a coach, they point out to you that you are running fast to get absolutely nowhere!

You are doing a lot of things but hardly any of it, is adding to the dream because you keep saying yes, yes, yes to everything without asking yourself the deep and serious question – Is this taking me towards my big dream or keeping me distracted and away from it?

And I get it…

When you are just starting to ramp your business up, there is a desire to say ‘YES’ to every single request out there thinking that it will help you. And you tell yourself that some action is better than no action ( and mostly, I agree!) but at some point, you have to show a little more discretion, a little more wisdom, and you have to grow in discernment about what you allow yourself to do.

Because, honey, we all have 24 hours and you want them to go as far as possible in getting you to your goal.

So, back to basics


What is the big goal here? What do you actually want to make happen? Write it all out, remind yourself, picture it all, do not judge it, do not think it is impossible and so, filter it. INstead allow yourself to imagine it, as you really want it. It may seem so much bigger than you have accomplished to date but it is your dream and you have to believe that you have what it takes to make it happen so stop filtering and start allowing the dream to be what it is.

Just write out what you want, in its fullness. And for a season, get into the habit of writing out the whole thing or facets of it, on a daily basis so that it stays firmly at the top of your mind. Obsess about it. See yourself as the person that makes it happen. Act as that person daily and then…


Look at each of the activities that you are giving your time to and ask yourself with your dream firmly at the top of your mind, “Is this the best use of my time?”. Then listen to that internal voice tell you the answer.


Now, whittle all the extraneous stuff away and get focused. It is time to stop spreading yourself so thin and start giving most of your energy to making a few key things work. That is how you build a life and a business you love!

Listen it may not mean that you only DO one thing but it will mean that everything you do adds up to your ONE THING – the big dream. You no longer say ‘yes’ to every potential good idea – Instead, you create space for the GREAT ideas. The great ideas that propel you forward faster.

Fight for, create the life and the business you want. OK?

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Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist and then decided to do her own thing and gain freedom. She made it happen with real estate management and now shows others how to set up their own business and get those first few customers online