You should follow these simple steps to keep your tile and grout clean at all times. Keeping things clean is not rocket science, if you didn't clean up for a week you'd be dirty too. You may also need an additional scrub to clean yourself, as dirt builds up in dirt and makes things harder to clean.

Weekly cleaning

Cleaning the tile and grout weekly will prevent it from getting so dirty. It will help you break the habit of getting on your hands and knees every two months to scrub your floors. When the soil doesn't have enough time to build, it becomes much easier and your tile will retain its original shine. Avoid the commercials that promise the world after one use, nothing cleans up so fast.

Clean the grout monthly

Even if you are cleaning your tile weekly, you still need to specifically clean the grout monthly. Doing this will prevent the grout from changing color. If the grout color is different from the original color, then you weren't cleaning it enough. Dirt builds up on the tile, then travels to the grout lines, and then squeezes tight. The only way to stop the color change is to clean the grout regularly. Don't wait too long or you will have to find a special formula, and while using the special formula, you will also need a gas mask and protective gloves so that it does not leak through your skin.

Clean up after heavy traffic

It is easier to visually see the accumulated dirt when you have company during the day. Try to clean it up when everyone leaves so you don't keep walking for the next week. Walking on a dirty tile floor with dirty slippers makes floors even harder to clean and harder to prevent grout buildup. The longer you let it sit, the more expensive the formula you need to buy to remove stains from grout lines.

Again, it is not rocket science. If you clean things, they stay clean, if not, they stay dirty. You don't have to take out the mop and cleaner every time you sweep regularly and use a mop with wet wipes. Thorough cleaning should be performed monthly to avoid build-up of grout and tile stains. Otherwise, if you want your floors to be as clean as your skin, then treat your floors like your skin.

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Again, it is not rocket science. If you clean things, they stay clean, if not, they stay dirty.