What puts the power in an affirmation? Believe it or not, it is not the words themselves, or the repetition. Plain and simple, it is your state of being when you say the words. Your state of being is actually the creative cause of the result you are affirming.

How is it that some people’s affirmations help while others seem to almost hinder the creation process? It all comes down to their experience when they are affirming. Those who are aware of this experience are expanding what they are affirming, those who are not aware, are expanding frustration.

Here are three steps to infuse your affirmation with creative power so that you can experience the results you are affirming.

Step One – Say your affirmation. Maybe it is, “I am successful.” Before you do, I want you to pay attention to what happens physically in your body when you say it. What biological changes happen? Okay, go ahead and say it out loud, with authority, right now. What happened in your body? Did your chest constrict? Did your shoulders feel heavy? This indicates that your state of being was resistance. Did your stomach open up? Did your face smile? This would indicate that your state of being was acceptance. What happened? Did you experience resistance or acceptance?

Step Two – Once you identify what you experienced you will know if your affirmation has the power you want. If you experienced acceptance, congratulations, you have a powerful affirmation. If you experienced resistance, not to worry, just modify your affirmation so that you experience acceptance when you say it. How? Be willing to consider that you could be successful. So your affirmation becomes, “I am willing to consider that I could be successful,” or, “I am willing to consider that it is possible for me to be successful.” When you say one of these, do you experience acceptance? If so, you are on track for you now have a powerful affirmation that supports what you want to create.

Step Three – Continue to pay attention to your state of being when you say your affirmation. Again, it is not the words or the repetition that creates; it is your state of being. Some days you may experience acceptance when you say your affirmation, other days you may experience resistance. If you commit to being aware of your state of being when you affirm and modify your affirmation when necessary, you will have powerful affirmations that help you to create exactly the experience you are affirming!

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Doreen Banaszak, author of, “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Now” has coached clients into new careers, careerists into entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs into new businesses, and spiritualists into higher levels of spirituality by teaching them how to be the conscious creator they are.