If you are fortunate to have a spacious garden in front of your house, you should take proper measures to keep it healthy. Among the common garden threats, weed is one of the troubling ones which can bring devastating effects on plants and shrubs. The biggest challenge with weeds is that it can still pop up even after getting destroyed. Usually, they compete with plants for nutrients and water and grow in an unorganised way which can degrade your garden aesthetics.

After putting so many efforts to maintain plants and shrubs, it can be extremely frustrating to experience the damage caused by weeds.

Now you don't need to fret anymore. You can stop the weed from infiltrating your garden with these easy-to-go hacks.

  • Pulling out weed manually with a hoe
  • Removing weeds with a gardening tool
  • Using chemical fertilisers to prevent weed growth

Let’s check out each one of them one by one.

Weed Removal is Easier After Rains

If you are thinking about when it’s the best time to remove weeds from your yard, consider doing it when the soil is damp. During rainy season, soil becomes moist and you can easily remove it from the roots without much effort. The experts providing landscaping in Toorak suggest rainy season to be the best time for weeding as there will be no risk of weeds getting stuck into the soil, which may encourage further growth.

  • Pulling Out Weeds Using Hands

If you are new to gardening, it may seem challenging to remove weeds from the roots using hands. But it's incredibly effective as there would be no remains of roots in the soil. It’s easier to remove weeds with shallow roots as they come out quickly with a gentle touch. For weeds with deeper roots such as dandelions, you can use a small hoe to loosen the soil and with a firm grasp, you can pull it out along with the entire root.

  • Removing Weeds with a Gardening Tool

Although removing weeds using hands is useful, however, it's time-consuming and strenuous as well. To make the task easier, you can opt for professional landscaping in Hawthorn where the experts use proper gardening tools to remove both shallow and deep-rooted weeds. The best tool to pull out weeds is a winged weeder. You need to put the bottom end of the blade next to the stem and continue to press it down deep into the soil. Next, you need to tilt the weed slightly downwards to pull out the whole root.

  • Using Chemical Fertilisers for Weed Removal

If your garden is filled up with messy weeds, it might be difficult to remove them using hoe or hands. In such a situation, you need to use specialised weed sprayers and chemicals directly on the weeds. While spraying chemicals on weeds, you need to ensure it’s neither detrimental to your health nor the environment. If you are confused about which chemical fertiliser to use, you can ask the garden specialists who have expertise in the domain and can guide you on how to get rid of weeds forever.

Ending Words

Weeds can damage fresh plants and ruin the surreal beauty of your garden. The tricks mentioned in this article can help you get rid of weeds permanently. For professional assistance, you can seek advice from gardening experts anytime.

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The author is an expert in landscaping in Toorak and guides readers on effective landscaping in Hawthorn.