If you are currently taking measures to build your list, especially if you are a blogger, you are to be commended! Blogging commands a lot of your time due to the continual need to create fresh content! On the other hand by building an email contact list it makes it much easier to build relationships with members of your target audience! Another huge advantage this strategy offers is it's great for marketing your business since you're able to avoid competing with the noise of the internet! An email contact list allows for you to send 'direct' messages right to these people increasing the chances your message will be received!

Unfortunately collecting contact information from those who visit your blog does take time however here's 3 tips you can use IMMEDIATELY to build your email contact list faster!

Non-Relevant Gift

Everybody who knows about the value of building an email contact list also knows it's best to offer a free gift to 'encourage' folks to opt in! Having made that point it is also not unusual for marketers to offer a giveaway that is NOT all that relevant to the niche in which they work! The giveaway MUST be something people in the niche you're targeting have an need for or interest in for it to entice them to leave their contact information! Don't allow your personal preferences to influence the choice of giveaway you use in your opt in box!

Not "Selling' the Giveaway

Some people just offer a gift along with the option of leaving your contact information feeling this is enough! Fact is that the 'gift' needs to be 'sold' touting the benefits the gift can offer the recipient! People are always thinking 'what's in it for me' and it's up to you to make this crystal clear or they will leave without taking the desired action! When marketing your business you always need to be very clear as to the message you're trying to deliver or the action you want others to take! Never assume people will do want you want but rather make it clear and in a concise fashion!

Not Customizing Opt in Form

Using the 'out of the box' opt in form 'as is' can be very tempting however it may not be as effective! This occurs quite often when placing these forms on a blog since in most cases they are plug ins that allow for further customization! The problem is bloggers are NOT typically marketing oriented and therefore overlook the importance of making these subtle changes to help them build an email contact list even faster! It's much like picking up a birthday card for somebody and giving it to them without placing their name or a personal message in it beforehand! Like the gift that is being offered the format of your opt in form may need to be adjusted to match the theme of your blog!

The discussion here today focuses on how to build your list by 'correcting' 3 common yet subtle oversights made by many! Even when blogging, by having an email contact list you are better able to build relationships with others! The fact is that when emailing any message to your list members you are able to avoid the fierce competition you typically experience on the world wide web! The messages you send are delivered directly to the in-boxes of your intended recipient which makes even marketing your business much easier as well! The 3 tips offered above are simple to implement but very effective in helping to boost your opt-in rate thus allowing you to assemble an email contact list more quickly!

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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