Have you been racking your brain around the idea of where to start or what your next step in your music career is? What about always wondering what tools you will need to achieve a successful career in the music industry? I had these same questions when I first started pursuing my career in music as well as a few years after. I did not know where to start or what to do next. I just knew I needed to start somewhere. No matter what stage you are on in your music career if you implement these three simple steps into your daily life, you will have no choice but to reach success in music. The three simple steps to a successful music career are emotion/feelings, the mind, and work. Master each of these measures and you will have a significant advantage over your competition and you will watch your music career flourish by leaps and bound.


Step your emotions and feelings up in your life and your music. And I mean everything involving music or related to music. Because basically anything music related is filled with feelings and emotions that soak into your music naturally. There is never a time when you are playing music and not putting any feelings into what you are playing. But have you looked at it from a different perspective? If you put emotion and feelings into your music, it will be so much more personal to you. Then over time will transform into a piece of you and also serve as an extension of yourself throughout time. You want people to see the picture you are trying to convey through words. And by putting all your emotions into your music, you will show that to everyone who is listening. Your listeners will also get to know you as an artist and an individual because your music style and feelings will seep into your music. Have you ever seen when a music artist starts crying in the middle of their performance? The artist has so much emotion invested that it transposes through their music, and they uncontrollably start crying.

Now there are other types of emotions that play a key part in a successful music career. Those emotions are persistence, determination, desire, drive, focus and passion (just to name a few). These will be used to keep you going every day and every night until you achieve the goals you are after. These are very, very powerful emotions that are key to any successful music career. Use every one of these emotions together in congruence with your music career and nothing will stop you. Emotions and feelings play a tremendous part in the music making process. It can make or break an artist. But either way emotions and feeling go hand in hand when music is involved. And there's nothing that you can do about it; you just have to go with it and see where the journey takes you.

The Mind:

Nowadays with any person, you must have a sharp mind to live in this world. But that is truer with a musician or individual wanting to venture into the music industry at this day and age. Mastering this step alone, will give you an enormous advantage over your competition, simply because it is such an important element in this industry. Having a sharp mind that is programmed to succeed no matter what is thrown at it, is key. You must be not only strong minded but also calm of mind, so you can think straight and clear while still moving forward without distractions.

Calming your mind will help you make better decisions in all aspects of the music industry. You will have many distractions in your music career. Trust me when I say a clear mind will help get you past every distraction. Just ask yourself "what is more important for my music career?" And guess what, whatever the answer is, do it, and you will have success in this industry. It is that simple.

You do not want anything holding you back from achieving everything you want in your music career. In an example like an addiction, past mistakes or past life choices, negativity, guilt or skeletons in your closet. Do not stand in your way of success. Do not be the person who stops you from succeeding in your music career.  Everything you have been through and learned in your life will transpose through to the music you make. So let it all out, and your music will have no choice but to convey this style and this attitude through itself.

Work Attracts Success:

Now if you thought you were attracted to music, let me tell you what has a deeper love. Success and work. But the funny thing is, work could care less about success. Although it is an entirely different story when it comes to the feelings success has towards work. Success loves work. Success cannot live a day without work. Success cannot go anywhere without work. Success is only attracted to work, nothing else. But success only comes running when there is a lot of hard and effective work being done.

Think about that for a minute. Think about that and ask yourself, what is "Hard and Effective work" and how can I take that and implement that information to succeed in music and stay successful in my music career?  Well, of course, everyone's situation is different, but there is always one thing in common with every answer, And that is hard work. But there is more to it than just that. Have you ever really thought about the word "hard work"? We've all experienced hard work in some way, shape or form. It is more than just a thing that old people say to youngsters. And it is not a thing that successful people tell everyone else because there is a real secret to success that they do not want to reveal. No, it is what they actually did to become successful in life.

Imagine If you worked six days a week, eighteen hours a day for one year straight on your music career. There is no way success would not be attracted to the work you are doing. You have worked all day, every day, and guess who is in love with work?  Yup, you guessed it, Success. If you're a part-time musician who works a 9 to 5, there is still infinite hope for you to become a full-time musician. It may take a little longer to achieve since you have cut your time to work on music in half compared to a full-time player, but it is achievable. That is how I started my music career. Working a 9 to 5 and making music every second I had free.  In any case, just know that either situation you are in will birth the same effects in the end. Work more, get more. Work less, get less period.


When emotions/feelings, the mind, and workflow are all combined with your life and music career, it is a deadly combination because you will have the edge over the majority of the people in the music industry. These three steps are essential pieces to add to your musical arsenal, and if you practice them and utilize them in your everyday music activities, success will have no choice but to be attracted to the work you are doing in your music career.

Copyright 2017, Juakeen Anomaly LLC

Author's Bio: 

Juakeen Anomaly is a not only a highly successful recording artist, but also a songwriter, performing artist, engineer and publisher. His passion is music as well as self-development and with enormous experience in the music industry has turned what most would call a hobby into a very success career for himself overall.   To learn more about Juakeen Anomaly and the journey he is embarking on visit JuakeenAnomaly.com or follow him on Twitter @JuakeenAnomaly