In just a moment, you are going to discover why these 3 simple sentences create permanent prosperity, and how to use them to dial your success up a few levels higher. Let's dive in.

“You did it!”

“Congratulations mate!”

“Great job, good on you!”

Why is it that CONGRATULATORY CONVERSATIONS like this instantly change how you think, how you feel, and help you manifest what you want in your life?

Let me ask you a question, how does it feel when you imagine your best friend congratulating you on a new level of success or happiness? “You did it!” Most people tell us that it feels WONDERFUL. And it does feel wonderful, because this is what would naturally happen in your world after they heard about it.

Contrast that with how many people feel when they power walk and keep trying to convince themselves that they are successful by repeating several hundred times, “I am successful”.

Note: I'm not saying that chanting “I am successful” a couple hundred or a thousand times a day while power walking never ever works. It's just that for most people, it is just not the most effective or elegant approach to manifesting or creating lasting prosperity consciousness.

Try it out yourself, close your eyes, imagine your best friend in front of you right now. Imagine them giving you the most amazing congratulations you have ever heard. “You did it!” See the twinkle in their eye. Notice their big smile. And if you want, do a hug, handshake or a high five. Then open your eyes and notice the changes.

Notice how POWERFUL that feels. Notice how wonderful YOU feel. This method takes only a few seconds of time, yet it is amazingly powerful. Notice how doing this just once creates a massive change in your body and in your mind.

Why do Congratulatory Conversations work so well?

Think about this for a second. When you are afraid of losing in life, or when you are coming from a negative space, most people have NEGATIVE conversations inside their heads going on. These conversations feel bad, and actually seem to repel success. You know what they are like. Arguing with the boss. Wondering what your spouse is going to say when they find out. Trying to figure out how to word it so that the kids won't be too upset.

Now think about this...

Doesn't it make sense that to end negative inner arguments that make you feel bad, you don't chant 10,000 affirmations. Instead, to put an end to bad inner conversations, develop the habit of Congratulatory Conversations.

Time to give some credit. We learned from Dr Wayne Dyer's mentor Neville Goddard, the power of Congratulatory Conversations. We started using them in our own lives, and started teaching them to our readers and clients years ago. That's when we started noticing first hand how powerful this method of Neville's is, because we have had two friends hit the lottery using them. They simply kept imagining being congratulated for winning the lottery.

We have had people manifest their soul mates with them, because they kept imagining being congratulated on how happy they were with their new partner. We have even had readers and clients use Congratulatory Conversations in business, where they have closed seemingly impossible deals, by imagining their prospect congratulating them on delivering great quality service.

From what we can tell, there is no limit to the power of this Method of Neville Goddard's. That is why we write about it in detail so often on This powerful method is quick and it only takes a few moments. It feels great, doesn't feel forceful or take 10,000 repetitions to put you in your most prosperous state.

Give it a try or better yet, do it once or twice daily to make them your new habit and notice how much more amazing your life becomes. And if you want to, imagine me congratulating you on your next big breakthrough.

Have an amazing day,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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