While the justice system overwhelming produces justified convictions of guilty individuals, it is not a perfect system. Many people have heard stories about individuals who have been falsely charged and even convicted of crimes that they were not responsible for. Such events can have devastating consequences, and they can potentially happen to anyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. These are some of the leading causes of wrongful convictions.

Mistaken Identity
Many court proceedings involve eyewitness testimony. An individual who was at the scene of the crime may pick out the defendant sitting in the courtroom and may testify that this was the responsible individual. Unfortunately, many people have poor eyesight. Visibility may have been reduced, or line of sight may not have been clear. In some cases, people may have very similar physical characteristics. One or a combination of several of these factors may result in mistaken identity. You or a loved one may have taken out a bail bond
with the assumption that you would be getting out of jail on a false charge, but mistaken identity can result in a different outcome.

Mishandling of Forensic Evidence
Forensic evidence is presented in many court cases. Some people believe that forensic evidence is foolproof, but it does have flaws. For example, hair and fiber analysis may have a large margin of error. An expert defense lawyer may be able to punch holes in the forensic evidence presented in court to help you obtain the innocent verdict that you rightfully should receive.

False Testimony
Some people will, unfortunately, make false testimony in court for various reasons. For example, these people may simply be malicious, or they may have received a plea bargain deal for doing so. False testimony can be difficult to overturn because it may not be based on solid evidence. Your attorney may need to discredit the witness to negate the impact of false testimony, and there may be various strategies available for doing so.

These are only a few of the many things that may happen in court that could result in the conviction of an innocent party. When an innocent individual is convicted, it can destroy his or her life. More than that, it allows the guilty party to walk free, and it may damage the integrity of the justice system. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, hiring a criminal defense attorney may help you to achieve a better outcome from court proceedings.

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