Many people crave greatness, but put the idea aside as unattainable. If that’s you, I’ve got amazing news: You actually can go for greatness.

You can go for greatness one step at a time. You see, greatness isn’t an overnight achievement and doesn’t happen without some preparation. But with planning and purposeful action, you can create it in your own life.

Greatness may vary by person, but I define greatness as the best and highest expression of who you are. In other words, going above and beyond the typical, average, or common in life. With this as the definition, I believe it’s possible for you to attain greatness if you’re willing to work up to it piece by piece.

The first thing you need to do is to commit to a life of greatness. Committing means actually deciding and then taking the necessary actions. You’ll need to put into place conditions that help you stay on this path. You’ll need to commit because there will be days when you’d rather dump the idea of greatness and just go for ordinary.

Not every day will be easy and not every task will be something you’ll like. But if you’re going for greatness, you’ve got to be willing to do the unglamorous, not-quite-as-fun work as well as the work that gets all the attention.

Next, you’ll need to educate yourself about what it will take to pursue greatness in the area you’ve chosen. While you may decide to use your special gift to make your mark on the world, you have to know that you don’t know everything about how to use that gift to do what you need.

That’s OK. Nobody can know everything. That’s why you’ve got to be willing to learn as much as you can about how you can use your gift and even how you can get better than you already are. For instance, if you have the gift of song and sound absolutely beautiful when you sing, you still need to know how to properly package what you do. What kind of singer are you? How will you use this gift to serve or help others? How will you market what you do? How will you get others to hire you or buy from you? You see, even if you have a great gift, you still have to learn the skills around using it in the best possible way that is suited to your goal.

Another thing you’ll want to do in pursuing greatness is to focus your efforts. Undoubtedly, there will be many ideas or ways you can use your gift. But you can’t be scattered in your approach or flit from thing to thing to thing, every time a new idea crosses your mind. You want to focus. That doesn’t mean you can’t do different types of work or offer various services or products around this gift over time, but it does mean you want to stick to a particular use of your gift and the chosen way you will offer it, so you can develop a body of work over time and can build an audience.

These are three simple but effective keys for pursuing greatness in your life. Commit to greatness. Learn what you need to do to use your gift and get better. Focus your efforts and stick to your pursuit.

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