Lots of people suffer from the bruxism disorder (teeth grinding) and do not know it. By the time it gets diagnosed it is possible that you will have done lots of damage to your teeth. Still, once it's identified, remedies to prevent it in the future can improve your future dental health. To help you understand this condition better, we will look at some of the causes of teeth grinding in this article.

Certain daily bad habits could potentially lead to teeth grinding. These include consuming too much sugar, caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

Of course, none of these habits are healthy in general, especially when done excessively, but they can specifically contribute to teeth grinding. You should steer clear of stimulants prior to bedtime, especially if you often grind your teeth in your sleep. Junk foods such as soda, which usually contain both sugar and caffeine, can cause teeth grinding when you are awake or asleep. A healthier diet, including a lower amount of stimulants, can aid in the reduction of this issue.

Sometimes dental work such as a filling or other procedure can cause teeth grinding in the patient. This can occur if the dental procedure creates discomfort in the mouth, or changes the way the teeth are aligned. The teeth grinding is possibly your subconscious's way of putting your teeth and jaw back to where they were before you had the work done. This might be a temporary condition and it's possible that once you get used to the new situation in your mouth that it will stop. However, if you notice pain or signs of teeth grinding after the work is completed tell your dentist so that he can double check to make sure that the work was completed correctly. As soon as you notice the grinding, take steps to correct it so that it won't develop into a long term habit.

One problem with teeth grinding is that, like many undesirable habits, it can be hard to break. Sometimes teeth grinding is caused by something that should be temporary, such as a child's permanent teeth growing in, or a temporary period of stress in someone's life, but the teeth grinding becomes a permanent habit. It isn't that different than when someone takes up smoking or drinking to deal with a rough time and then can't stop once life gets better. The sooner you can catch yourself grinding your teeth, the easier it is to break the habit, but even if you've been doing it for many years there are ways to stop, though it will take some effort.

Teeth grinding can have many causes, and can be related to physical or emotional issues. The imperative thing is to attempt to pinpoint the reason you are doing it and then develop an efficient plan of healing. The above discussion on the causes of teeth grinding can help you to figure out why you have this problem.

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