Are you often disappointed with the number of signups into your programs or classes? Do you think there could be something IN you that is sabotaging your success without you knowing? So much of what is happening in your business as a spiritual entrepreneur is impacted by what is happening below the surface. Let’s explore how you may be pushing away business from you.

As I watch my Platinum Clients begin to step into new territory by promoting the new clear and passionate expression into their work, I notice a few things that seem to happen that tell me something deeper is going on to sabotage them. I quickly help to steer them out of it because I know what’s at stake, potentially thousands of dollars could be lost if they don’t get out of the sabotage they don’t even realize is happening.

Let’s see if you have any of the 3 signs that show you may be secretly pushing away potential clients and sales:

1. You watch the evidence to tell you if you are on track or not

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a spiritual entrepreneur. Your results ARE a reflection of your energy, consciousness and business skills BUT watching the results can be a mistake depending on how you do this.

I see a lot of people who start promoting something new, after putting it out there they begin to look at the evidence, the results. Looking at the results is not a bad thing, it can spark a fire under you to find new ways to get your work out to more people if the first attempt wasn’t successful. It becomes a problem when you look at the results after just putting it out there and interpret the lack of immediate results as a sign of failure or that you are not supposed to be doing what you were trying to do.

This is not being a creator, this is being passive and fearful. As a spiritual entrepreneur it is your job to TRUST the inspiration you are given and to do all you can to bring it into expression and get it out to those who need it.

I’ve found your immediate results can sometimes test your faith and if you continue to believe and to keep putting your work out there you could potentially make thousands of dollars from something you got fearful about and backed off. In the last 6 months, I know I would have probably lost out on over $30,000 in income had I got stopped by this tricky form of sabotage.

Keep going! Even if you do “fail” it is not really ever failure because what you learn from failing will help you the next time around.

2. You allow your energy to drop when it counts

I had a Platinum Client going through her first launch of her new brand new coaching program. She did a mailout and had potential clients connecting with her. During this week SO much came up within her and all around her to throw her off. This is a form of sabotage disguised as emotional challenges, doubt, fear and everyday life getting in your way. The challenge is to CONTINUE keeping your energy high, no matter what.

If your energy drops as you put the message out about a new program or product, this is a big sign you may be secretly sabotaging yourself. Not keeping your energy up, your belief and expectations up could lead you to energetically not allowing the FULL success and results that were actually meant for you. Had she let her energy be knocked down she would have missed out on signing on her first high paying client.

3. When some success really does start to happen you feel uncomfortable and energetically back down

This is a very common one and a big indicator there is deeper conflicting energies within you that don’t want you to succeed. I’ve seen this repeatedly in my business when I had my highest sales months. In the past, my highest sales months were often followed by my lowest, that’s a common way this sign shows up.

It all starts with you being excited and celebrating your success. You then you begin to feel a slight discomfort and have no idea why and this is often followed by feeling totally disconnected from your passion, unable to get motivated and to even feel connected to your work. This is SO damaging because it literally prevents you from keeping your energy up and from putting your work out there AND stops those who are meant to be helped by you from being able to get your help.

This is a very secretive dynamic because you often have no idea what’s happening. Yet it could be the very thing that is preventing you from growing your business to your next level. It all starts with awareness! Bringing these signs into your consciousness allows you to be more aware so you can open to a new way next time.

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Fia Crandall is the Fear to Faith Guide who helps spiritually conscious entrepreneurs free themselves from the energy dynamics that keep them stuck in their business. Receive her free E-Course "Break Free of the 5 Illusions Secretly Sabotaging the Growth of Your Business!":