One reason why there is such a high failure rate in network marketing is because traditionally we have been taught to make a list of our friends, family, and everybody else that we know. Most of these people are not meant to be, nor do they want to be in any type of business. There are always signs that will let us know if a person good partner or not.

1.Bad business partners do not keep their word. How many times have you been left hanging by a prospect who did not show up to a scheduled appointment, or who did not answer the phone when they promised to be available?

If a person can not follow through on their commitments, regardless of how small they may seem, that is a sign that he or she is not a good business person.

Good business people know the importance of keeping their word, and keeping their appointments. If for some reason they need to cancel or reschedule, a good business person will call you and let you know.

2. Bad business partners make excuses. Making excuses is a habit. If a person starts making excuses when you initially approach them about your business, they will continue to make excuses if you eventually convince them to join your opportunity.

They will make excuses for why they can not or did not plug into a training event. They will give you an excuse for why they did not perform a simple task that would have produced results in their business. They will make an excuse for any and everything, because they are habitual excuse makers.

If a person starts making excuses upon your initial approach, do not take it personally. Just realize that he or she would not be a good business partner anyway.

3. Bad business partners are inconsistent. The key to success in anything is consistency. Successful people know how to remain focused and continue to consistently perform result-producing tasks in the midst of turmoil.

Unsuccessful people will easily get discouraged or lose focus when a problem arises in their lives. What people do not understand is that everybody has problems. You are not special because you have problems in your life.
There are all types of problems. There are mental problems, financial problems, health problems, relationship problems, etc. The difference is in how people handle those problems.

Sure people can grow and evolve into good business partners, but it is too much work to teach some body the mindset, the skills, and the habits that they need to be successful in business. They need to have enough drive to learn most of that stuff on their own.

I remember what the presenter said in my very first network marketing business opportunity presentation years ago: “All you need is three people.”

That is true if you have three good business partners, but most people end up going through a lot of duds to find one stud. If you learn how to market, you will have all highly qualified studs calling you, and you will not have to go through all of those duds.

Also, if you want to attract good business people into your business, then you must first become a good business person yourself.
Much Success,

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Jeremiah Carstarphen
The Cartoon Coach
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