Indian food is as diverse as the country itself. From the strong flavours of the north to the mild cuisine of the south and from the delicate delicacies of the east to the spicy influence of the west, the Indian food culture has taken a lot of people by awe and have inspired thousands to learn the techniques of cooking the authentic Indian flavours. With a considerable part of the global population being a fan of the Indian style of cooking, we are about to reveal a few secrets that make Indian food such a sweetheart to so many people in Singapore.

In the following lines, we will have a look at how these secrets of Indian cuisine have had such a huge influence on the people of Singapore. So if you are a fan of Indian cuisine and living in Singapore, you would not want to miss out on reading this article till the very end.

Modern influences

Indian cooking is not only about traditional methods, it has become globally popular for its modifications in taste as per the country and the preferences of the people living there. For example, you will not find the butter chicken that you ate in New Delhi to be as mild as the one you have had in New York. Same can be said about the Indian cuisine that you will find in Singapore. It is prepared as per the likings of the customers of that particular country or region, which is one of the secrets of its popularity globally. So the next time you go to taste an Indian spicy dish in Novena, keep this particular thing in the back of your mind.

New techniques

There are a number of new techniques that have enriched the taste of Indian food around the globe. Ranging from the ancient Indian techniques like "Dhungar" to the latest infusion of the "grilling" and "braising", Indian food has come a long way through many experiments to reach its current global status. This is another secret that makes Indian food in Singapore a superhit not only for the local people but also for the global citizens.

Going forward

With the constant experimentations and applications being a part of the Indian cuisine, Indian food is definitely on its way to make a mark to the global population. The inclusion of modern techniques and foreign influences have helped to enrich the very base of the Indian cooking culture and has opened a new horizon in the Indian culinary journey. However, the roots of Indian cooking are very deep and it is impossible to take away the earthiness of the flavours they carry with themselves in each and every one of the dishes. So it will be safe to say that the popularity of Indian cuisine in Singapore is dependent on the concoction of both the Indian as well as the foreign influences, which only enhances its taste and legacy.

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