Trucks and trailers are subjects to a fault, and when they break down, there are a number of reasons why you should call a professional towing service. People unaware of truck towing hazards are often tempted to tow it themselves, but it’s imperative that you let a professional do his job. There are several risks involved when you perform the towing yourself, and the money it saves is not worth it. 



Below explains 3 of them lucidly.

Risk 1:-

“Using Appropriate Equipment Poses Risk Of Vehicle Damage & Bad Accidents”

The first rule of safe towing is using the right equipment. If the equipment doesn’t match with your vehicle, then you may have a serious issues on the road. 

You will need to look up the owner’s manual to check precisely how much weight it can town properly. You need to ensure that you do not exceed the weight and also bear in mind the weight of the towing rig. Never look to pull a heavier load as it may pose the risk of vehicle damage and a bad accident. You also need to be sure on how to use the trailer hitch and couple, and how you can fit everything together. And, if the coupler does not attach to the ball right at the end of your trailer hitch, then the trailer will not be stable when towed.

Consult professional services providing towing in Melbourne for an efficient tow job. Using the right tow equipment, they safety take your vehicle to their repair compound and even offer you a ride back to the city.

Risk 2:-

“Increasing The Overall Size Of The Vehicle Impacts Visibility”

When you decide to tow yourself; another risk is reduced visibility. You have to bear in mind the width, length and height of the vehicle you intend to tow. With an increase in your vehicle size; visibility reduces considerably, thus making basic turns, changing lanes, backing up and smart manoeuvres, more difficult.

A professional towing service, on the other hand, will employ high-capacity tow trucks to get the job done for you. They make use of towing mirrors affixed to the side-view mirror- extended mirrors that give you a wider view of the vehicle, the road and the traffic to avoid risk hazards.

Furthermore, they have the expertise to determine beforehand the type of tow truck needed by just looking at the vehicle. Look for a company that provides cheap towing in Melbourne that won’t empty your pocket.

Risk 3:-

“Potential Blowouts That May Lead To A Major Accident”

 It is always a good idea to check the condition of your tires before you leave for work (and when you back yourself to tow it). Under-inflated tires always pose a serious risk, mainly a blowout. It can make the towing load unstable, thus causing it to flip and spin the whole vehicle out of control. 

Though ill-advised; if you still want to tow yourself; then the wise thing would be to check the replace the damaged tire and tighten the lug nuts. You need to lower down the trailer right to the surface and tighten it using a wrench as well as remove the wedge present on the opposite side. 

Final Thoughts:

With no disrespect to your towing skills; there is no reason for you flirt with danger and pose a potential road hazard for everyone. More so, when there are so many companies that provide cheap towing in Melbourne at a much lower rate.

Safety should always be your priority. And by hiring professional towers guarantees that- both for you and your vehicle. So choose your experts wisely. 

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