At present you have made the commitment to remain in the relationship after infidelity. However the truth is there is a lot of hard work ahead. What your mate did is over and done with so there is no going back. Their outright disregard for you put the entire spousal relationship in jeopardy. And for what?

Just so they could satisfy their ego. Now following what happened your spouse has all of a sudden discovered the damage that was done. While you said yes initially to saying together you really did not give a firm confirmation. There are certain questions which have to be addressed.

1. How Strong Is The Love?

The news of your spouse's infidelity turned your universe upside down and for many people that is enough to terminate the relationship. Whatever actual feelings they had toward their mate are shattered beyond repair and they have no desire to try and fix things. Having said that other people victimized by infidelity don't feel that way.

True what their mate did was horrible but the love is so deep that they are ready to try anything to restore the marriage. And in many cases the spousal relationship comes back even stronger. It's in your hands to evaluate where your love is before deciding to make a final decision.

2. How Satisfactory Was That Apology?

The quality of your mate's apology is a major factor in deciding whether or not the marriage can be fixed. If it was carried out with a bare minimum of effort and forethought it could indicate the path in front of you will be troublesome and in all likelihood the relationship is not going to succeed. It suggests your spouse is not actually remorseful regarding what they did but more like they are unhappy you found out what they were doing.

But keep in mind an effusive heartfelt apology does not necessarily mean your mate is determined to fix the marital relationship. It may be a con job so you will not leave but they will probably continue cheating. Alas there are no ironclad guarantees. Nonetheless seeking forgiveness in a genuine fashion might be a very good indicator as well as just how committed your spouse will work to change their lifestyle.

3. Are They Changing Their Ways?

Talk is cheap. What exactly are they doing to make certain that what took place does not happen all over again? Are they making a majority of these lifestyle changes themselves or do you need to constantly remind them to do so? Are they trivial modifications that you can barely notice or are they of the drastic variety? This over and above love or the apology may determine the marriage. If your mate isn't really trying to change their ways than it is most likely just a matter of time before they go back to fooling around.

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