Online or SKYPE based counselling is gaining now an accepted method of receiving therapy or counselling. It is not difficult to understand the rise in consumers accessing online counselling. The ease and convenience of scheduling a therapy appointment online and talking with a therapist from the privacy of one’s own home (wherever that may be) is a huge drawcard for consumers.

Utilising the service of an online counsellor is relatively easy. All that is required is a computer with a video-camera, a good internet connection, and a SKYPE account. If clients do not have an SKYPE account we send clients an easy to follow set up guide.

Online counselling has proved very effective for working with anxiety, mild depression, work/life balance issues, sexuality and gender issues, addictive behaviour, grief and loss issues and relationship issues.

Below are three reasons for the increase in consumers accessing online counselling.

1. Flexibility – Online Counselling Services offers great flexibility. It is perfect for time more individuals or working mums who cannot easily leave the home during the day. The majority of face-to-face counselling services are only open during business hours, whereas online counselling services are available after hours on sometimes on weekends. There is no hassle in finding transport or looking for a cars space which can offer increase stress levels in clients.

2. The Use of Technology – Technology is a part of modern life and increasingly there is evidence that consumers who use technology to access medical and therapy support have an associated feeling of empowerment which leads to positive thoughts and feelings. There has been research around young people’s use of online technology which has found that there is evidence of positive relationships between online counselling therapists and their clients.

3. Social Stigmatization and Comfort –For some clients there is social stigma around attending a face-to-face counselling session. This may be particularly true for clients from particular ethnic groups. There is evidence that even attending a face-to-face therapy session can increase stress and anxiety levels for some clients. Online Counselling services are an excellent alternative in cases such as this where counselling support can be received from the comfort and anonymity of a client’s home. Also for some clients there is unease and discomfort in attending a face-to-face counselling session, this may be applicable for clients with phobia’s such as anacrophobia. Again, online counselling can be an excellent option for these clients.

So, these are the major reasons why online counselling is becoming more popular. The sessions are flexible, use of freely available and accessible technology and reduce (for some consumers) social stigma or anxiety in attending a face-to-face session.

Here at we are leaders in the delivery of online counselling services to clients throughout Australia at a time that works for each client.

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Matthew is a qualified counsellor and a director of and is a regular blogger on online Counselling Services. Here, he writes why Online Counselling services are increasingly being utilised. To know more about this, read his articles.