When I first started to learn how to make money online I joined membership sites. I took a lot of $1 trials and I even paid $40-$100 per month for some internet marketing membership sites.
I learned everything I could and I followed all of the steps, and here are 3 reasons that it is hard to make a lot of money with membership sites.
1.Information Overload- Most membership sites have a ton of information for you to go through. This is so you will remain a member with these sites and continue to pay the monthly fee.
Some of the information is even outdated because the internet is changing so rapidly.
2. You are constantly getting up-sold- Internet marketing teaches that the fortune is made when you make repeat sales to the target market.
Well you are the target market, and you are getting up-sold before you even have a chance to get through the information that came with the original sales letter.
3. The Gurus Make all of the Affiliate Sales- When I first started learning this stuff, I did not even know what an affiliate sale was.
Even though I automatically got a chance to promote the gurus products and make a commission, the gurus were making all of the commissions on the easy sales like the domain names, web hosting, auto-responders, etc..
More new people would make money online more quickly if they could have a funnel that was simple to set up, that would allow them to earn the commissions from these easy affiliate sales.
I did not think anything like this existed, but thankfully I was wrong.
Not only that but new people internet marketers can quickly develop their expert status, and start marketing to an extremely profitable niche.

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Jeremiah Carstarphen,
Make money fast, and learn how I went from zero to almost $4000 in one month and how you can do the same at http://2kin10days.com