When it comes to commercial cleaning, facility managers pay attention mostly to floors that looks dirty due to coffee spills, food stains and regular accumulation of dirt. While this holds true, there are other areas such as desks, furniture upholstery that accumulates dirt, germs and allergens on a regular basis and invites potential health hazards among employees. Keeping commercial upholstery neat and clean not only mitigates health risks but leaves a positive remark on stakeholders and visitors.

Germs, bacteria and allergens usually lie hidden beneath the surface of commercial upholstery and are not always visible to the human eye. While hiring professionals for cleaning commercial premises, upholstery is often overlooked until spills or stains start showing signs of damage.

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If you are planning to give a fresh look to your commercial space this Christmas, here are a few reasons why you must prioritise upholstery cleaning among all other cleaning services.

Culprits That Lie Hidden in Your Office Couch You Might Not Know

Most of the time, floor managers avoid paying attention to upholstery while opting for commercial cleaning in Brisbane until things become noticeably stained or dingy. Sometimes, it is considered as a yearly task and not a regular cleaning regime for which the number of sick leaves starts increasing abruptly.

Here are a few potential culprits that could be lurking in your commercial sofa you might be unaware of.

Bacteria and Virus

When you have placed sofa at your commercial space, it's evident you might not be the only person sitting on your couch. With shareholders, customers, vendors visiting your premises, it's likely for germs, bacteria and allergens to stick to the fibers and eventually get transferred to the human body parts, clothing etc., By hiring professionals for commercial cleaning in Paddington at frequent intervals will make your couch safe for use.

Mould, Dirt and Allergens

It's summer in Australia and there's a significant chance for mould to grow on the delicate fibres of your couch and commercial furniture. During the hot and humid climate, it becomes easy for mould to seep into the spongy sofa fibres, thereby creating an unhealthy work environment, increasing chances of asthma and other respiratory disorders. Christmas is the time to give a fresh start, and that is why it's important to get your commercial upholstery cleaned during this muggy summer season.

Oil, Grease and Toxic Particles

Sometimes, shareholders, clients and vendors touch your sofa with oily hands which gets easily absorbed into the fibres and give rise to sticky stains. It not only makes your sofa look greasy but invites costly cleaning services. Moreover, germs love residing in the cosy sofa fibres and congregate to the grease spots. With the regular accumulation of oil and grease, your sofa may become a potential germ zone leading to serious health issues.

Final Remarks

Christmas is almost knocking at the door and you must have plans to give a lint-free shine to your commercial premises. Knowing the adverse effects of dirty upholstery, likely, you'll not want to put your employee's life at stake. So, it will be wise to hire a professional commercial cleaning company to get rid of the hazards once and for all.

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