Looking for an astrologer to shed some light on your future? You must select the right kind of astrologer. And for that, you might have multiple options. However, you should do a basic research when you’re looking for an astrologer. It’s important that you find out the kind of astrologer you’re looking for. For this, it’s important that you know the kinds of options that you have.

When you’re looking for an Astrologer in Delhi, you have primarily two options. You can go for Tropical Astrology, which is the western school of astrology, or you can stick to Vedic astrology. While Tropical Astrology takes into account the position of the sun at a specific time to perform all the calculations, the Vedic Astrology ensures that the positions of all the stars are considered while predicting the future.

Vedic astrology is regarded by a number of experts to be extremely accurate and hence, can be a great choice for you. Here’s a quick look if you’re looking for an astrologer in Delhi, why you should go for a Vedic astrologer in Delhi.

Believes in the Power of Gems to Change Life

Gems have the power to change the course of your life. They align with the positions of the stars and can shape your future. Vedic Astrology focuses on the right use of different kinds of gems to set the right track for your life and prosper with ease.

Provides Proper Directions in Life

When do you plan to go for a consultation to an astrologer? One of the most common answer is when you'll be in some problem. One of the best ways Vedic Astrology in Delhi can help you is by providing you with the right kind of path for navigating your life. And this is possible only because Vedic Astrology takes into account the position of the sun and the stars while calculating the future and the remedies. This is because, Vedic Astrology has enhanced predictive abilities, which help to ensure that the calculations to know the future are accurate.

Includes Fasting to Enhance Spirituality

When you’re trying to improve your future, you have to keep in mind that along with your lifestyle, you have to focus on improving spiritually as well. This is what Vedic astrology focuses on. For this, you will also have to engage in Upayas, that is fasting. A Vedic Astrologer can help you find out the right time to engage in fasting, so that you get the best results. This is because, Vedic Astrology believes that Upayas has a subtle function in improving your future. Besides, she can also provide you advice on the mantras that you need to chant during your fasting to ensure that it has an excellent impact on your future.


There might be different types of requirements in your life when you will think of consulting an astrologer. If you’re staying in Delhi and want to seek help from an astrologer, always try to find a Vedic astrologer in Delhi. A Vedic astrologer will help to make your future secure and ensure that you’ll find success in life.

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Astrologer Abha Jain (Founder of Vidushi Vastu & Astrologer) is a famous Astrologer,Palmist, Numerologist, Gemologist and Vastu Consultant from New Delhi. Since her childhood, astrology & vastu remained her passion and she has been doing research in this field for more than fifteen years. She believes, astrology is a science and she mastered this knowledge through her practice. She is based in Mayur Vihar Extension, New Delhi and providing her services from here.