Building an opt in list is something every good blogger needs to do since it gives you direct access to your readers! Even though blogs are great for interacting with visitors when they land on your site remember their primary purpose is to read your blog posts! Having email access however helps to avoid the distractions you or visitors may encounter by all the activity on your platform!

So how does a good blogger put their list to best use? Here are 3 excellent reasons to make contact by email with your readers when blogging!

Get Them Back to Your Blog

It's important to keep people 'involved' in what you have to offer in terms of anything new you've posted to your site! Although your readers may have found your previous updates interesting it is very easy for them to get distracted with all that the internet has to offer! Periodic contact by email to make them aware of any new posts you have published is a great way to keep them coming back!

Cultivate Relationships

Just because you have return visitors does not mean you're building a relationship with these people! When your readers land on your blogging platform they're there to read your blog posts and you should make the effort NOT to distract them! On the other hand by contacting them through email you're better able to cultivate a relationship being you have more control over when contact is made and why!

Make Product Offers

Although you may have ads and text links placed on your site and within your blog posts to help you earn an income, emailing offers is more effective! By using email messages you now have your readers focused on nothing more than the message you've sent! Promotional efforts on the site itself are still good to have but remember you're competing with your own content that you have made available on the blog!

Although building an opt in list is not always a priority when blogging there are several advantages to having your readers email address! Most visitors primary purpose in landing on your site is to view your blog posts and not necessarily to carry on a conversation about unrelated topics! Having email access however allows a good blogger to communicate with people for the 3 very important reasons discussed above! Using these channels helps to keep disruptions and distractions to a minimum for your readers when they're navigating your platform for more content! In this way visitors can still view your blog posts uninterrupted while you can make contact with them at any time as you see fit!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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